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Trump Brags to Reporters Than His New ‘Trump Force One’ is Better Than Air Force One and Has Better Features (Like KFC)

Former President Donald Trump has gone to many lengths to trick out one airplane that he’s dubbed “Trump Force One.” He’s quite obviously obsessed with the idea of becoming president again and he’s even including his usual lard-laden fast food items that he so loves. There’s KFC to be had, but you have to eat it all fancy — with a fork even. Of course, there’s the ever-ubiquitous diet soda, to wash down all that cholesterol in a faint pretense to appear healthy.

It’s hard to say how he can afford to jet around the country in this beast but that’s what he does — when he goes to his rallies anyway, Uproxx [1] reports.

The former president invited journalists to hop on board with him and assembled everyone at the front of the plane, where he declared, according to Bloomberg, “We have good Wi-Fi. You notice? They say it works very well,” he said. “There’s a lot of planes that it doesn’t work too well.”

Gee, I wonder what “planes” he could be referring to? Well, as you might expect, this one in particular:

“Trump’s plane has large, white leather seats, cream-colored carpeting, wood paneling and — in typical Trump fashion — gold trimmings. The plane is equipped with Wi-Fi, a feature reporters on Air Force One don’t have.”

And Trump Senior Advisor Jason Miller provided a photo of the KFC buffet served on “Trump Force One.”

If you’re curious to find out more, here’s what Bloomberg [4] had to say:

“Shortly after Trump’s plane was wheels up from Iowa back to Palm Beach, a flight attendant walked to the front with a large red and white bucket of KFC chicken. Aides went back and forth to the plane’s kitchen with plates of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and macaroni and cheese. Coconut pie was served for dessert. The soundtrack from his rallies lightly played on the plane’s speakers.”

But the trip wouldn’t have been complete without a few Ron DeSantis jokes/nicknames along the way. Uproxx didn’t fail to note this.

“He gave another vote for ‘Tiny D’ along with ‘DeSanctimonius.’ He also offered up barbs about DeSantis maybe working at Pizza Hut or an obscure law firm.”

Oh that Trump. He’s such a kidder. I mean, if the Florida Governor worked at “an obscure law firm” he could help Trump get out of all the legal messes he’s in. Guess Trump hadn’t thought that one out.