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Trump Caught Ducking His Head Below Car Window to Avoid Being Seen Leaving Golf Course as Possible Indictment Looms


Trump used to love cameras so much that he was almost like a duck hunter, quacking into his call, hoping that the media would flock in and shower him with attention. And yet, something seems to be troubling the old guy. Wonder what it could be?

Because as Trump left his golfing excursion today (Facing indictments in four broad investigations? Go golfing! Time well spent! Pamper yourself!), he literally ducked under the window of the car to avoid being pictured. He looks… like a criminal, not wanting to be caught in a picture.

The facts from the New York Post (A pro-Trump paper):

The usually camera-loving former President Donald Trump was seen cowering in the back of an SUV in an apparent attempt to dodge photographers after he finished a round of golf Thursday. 

The optics-obsessed Trump, 76, contorted his body and tucked his head down to avoid being photographed as his motorcade left Trump International Golf Club in Palm Beach, Florida. 

More like trying to slip down under the seat. If you look at the pictures, it truly looks like he would head to the floor if he could.

The former commander in chief was snapped wearing his trademark red MAGA hat emblazoned with the number “45” on the side as he was driven back to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

One problem in having a “uniform”  – of which Trump has two, suit or golf clothes, is that it’s pretty hard to go incognito. If he increasingly wants to hide, the MAGA hats will be dark grey to match the color of the seats, and the bill of the cap will be extra long, so he can pull it way down over his face.

With one exception.

The campaign will ensure that heavily photoshopped pictures of Trump – lookin’ good – with a half-naked 30-year-old woman draped on his arm are put out every week or two, just enough to imply that the old man is still up to his old ways. All the girls want this indicted con, awaiting trial!



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