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Trump ‘Deeply Anxious’ About Potential Arrest, Including Being Fingerprinted: NYT Reporter

Well, all one has to do is look at his posts on Truth Social to get that Trump is freaking the fck out, and it would be hard to overstate his nervousness or anxiety. Maggie Haberman assures us this is true. One very weird element of the new Times story is that Trump’s people assured Haberman that they hadn’t had any contact from the D.A.’s office. So it’s a little inexplicable why Trump went public assuring us that he would be arrested Tuesday.

Trump surely has contacts in the Manhattan D.A.’s office and surely has some that like him. It is possible he was tipped off. It is also possible that Trump knows he’s right on the edge and he wants the prosecutors to see what he’ll do, create protests. Perhaps Trump wants people to think that he scared them off.

Either way, from Maggie, and then the New York Times article below:

Yes. Trump has been sued and sued people hundreds of times. He has never had a criminal charge against him. Leave it to Republicans to jump to blame politics when it was “politics” that kept him and many others from being charged during his presidency.

But Mr. Trump’s social media post had immediate impact: Within hours, Speaker Kevin McCarthy, one of the most powerful people in federal government and who partly owes his position to Mr. Trump, posted on Twitter that he was calling for investigations into whether federal funds were being used for “politically motivated prosecutions,” a thinly veiled threat to Manhattan’s district attorney, Alvin L. Bragg.

That could easily be considered obstruction of an ongoing investigation or a threat. Just thinking off the top of my head. It sounds like a crime.

Prosecutors working for Mr. Bragg have signaled that an indictment of Mr. Trump could be imminent. But they have not told Mr. Trump’s lawyers when the charges — expected to stem from a 2016 hush money payment to a porn star — would be sought or an arrest made, people with knowledge of the matter said. At least one more witness is expected to testify in front of the grand jury, which could delay an indictment, the people said.

That is just so odd. OH, wait – the easiest explanation of all. Trump misinterpreted news reports. How typical:

The statement from Mr. Trump’s spokesman did not explain how he had landed on Tuesday as an arrest date. One person with knowledge of the matter said that Mr. Trump’s advisers had guessed that it could happen around then, and that someone might have relayed that to the former president. A lawyer for Mr. Trump, Susan R. Necheles, said that his post had been based on news reports, and accused the Manhattan district attorney’s office of conducting a “political prosecution.”

But the man wants to be president. He can’t interpret news reports, never mind intelligence reports, but he wants to be president.


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