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Trump Shocks Americans When He Says He Supports Putin More Than President Biden


That’s enough. For six to seven years, this country has known – “known” – that Trump has some sort of conflict resulting in Trump being unable either criticize or cross Putin. This is, of course, a wee problem in that Russia is the country with over 5200 nuclear missiles, most of which are pointed at pre-arranged strategic targets in the United States, in order to maximize damage to our military. Unfortunately, many of our largest military bases happen to be beside large cities. Our West Coast Sub Fleet? Seattle. Much of our Pacific ship Aircraft Carrier groups? San Diego. HQ of Pacific fleet? Honolulu HI. Air Force bases and Army bases tend to be more rural, but any superpower is going to want to neutralize our fleet first.

Putin has recently gone further. He is directly interfering with U.S. elections which many people believed to be an act of war. Putin then started a war of aggression, meant to simply “take” another country. In that war, Putin destabilized Europe and, most importantly, committed crimes against humanity by shelling apartment buildings and non-military targets.

Everyone knew that Trump supported Putin in the war because he and his people started criticizing Ukraine and our aid. Mike Flynn (Who sat beside Putin at dinner) said that the United States was “killing people” by prolonging the way by sending aid. The takeaway was we would be more “compassionate” if we simply let Putin mow Ukraine over and win with ease. Flynn is willing to force every Ukrainian to live under Putin’s dictatorial thumb over freedom. Don Jr. went so far as to call Zelensky the world’s biggest “welfare queen.”

But as said, this has gone on for six to seven years. It is jaw-dropping that we so obviously had and may have again a Manchurian president and half the voters don’t care. Impossible.

No, not impossible. We never envisioned a large group of Americans in a trance, willing to believe anything their cult leader says. We never envisioned a significant number of Americans who SO hate their political adversaries that they’ll toss democracy and impose fascist martial law in order to get “retribution” in the “Final Battle” as Trump said at CPAC.

Tucker Carlson sent questions out to GOP candidates. Tucker, who is actually played on Russian television as supporting Russia, asked Trump if we should support regime change in Russia. Given that Trump cannot cross Putin, the answer was obvious. “No.”

But Trump went further. He said we should support regime change in the United States because it was Biden who “got us into this war.”

We are not “in the war.” We are providing aid in a tradition that goes back to lend-lease in the late 1930s when Europe was threatened by the East. Moreover, and simply breathtaking when concentrated upon, there would be no war to join if Putin had not decided that he could just take another country by killing enough to run over Ukraine. There is no other way to characterize this war as Putin’s war, and he’s fought like Putin, with mass graves and even threats of tactical nukes.

Last. The United States is not the only country backing Ukraine with money and weapons. All of NATO is involved to some degree. To say that Biden is somehow more responsible for the United States being “in the war” (without a single U.S. soldier fighting) is the clearest statement yet that Trump believes the world is better off with Putin leading Russia than Biden leading the United States… over a war Putin started.

And Don Jr. is proud to post it. Trump and his inner circle are willing to burn this country into the ground to rule… under Putin. After all, if Trump cannot cross Putin and is a Putin sycophant, who would be the real president of the United States if Trump is again in the White House?

Trump can be brutally honest. If he wins, we will take us out of NATO, partner with Russia, and our government will look more like Russia’s than the American government that has held us together for 240 years. And every fcking Republican who refuses to confront Trump is responsible. How they let ONE MAN do this… and maybe do it again, only 10 times worse is nearly impossible to believe. ONE MAN.

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