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Poor Rudy Giuliani Is So Broke He Can’t Even Pay His Phone Bill


It’s a long way from being America’s mayor. Everyone knows that Rudy fell hard and fast. Everyone knew that Rudy took Trump on as a client (bad move unless you like working pro-bono). We recall Rudy asking Trump for $30,000 a day. Trump must have laughed because Rudy has nothing.

Rudy Giuliani’s consulting firm hasn’t paid its phone bill, and the carrier is dragging the disgraced former New York City mayor’s company to court over the outstanding charges. That’s according to a summons filed in New York state court by Momentum Telecom, a company that sells internet-based calling technology. The Atlanta-based company says it was stiffed out of more than $30,000 by Giuliani Partners LLC.

If that were Rudy’s only problem, he might be able to get a loan from Mike Lindell… Does Mike have any money left?

But it’s not Rudy’s only problem. He has a much bigger one. And he may well die penniless:

This is the second lawsuit filed this year against New York’s former mayor and Giuliani Partners. In January, Noelle Dunphy, a 43-year-old who described herself as a former employee who was sexually harassed by Giuliani, filed a lawsuit claiming she started doing “business development” work for him in 2019, only to discover that he would get drunk and launch into racist tirades.

And launch into racist tirades. There seems to be some common string running through all these MAGAs. It isn’t quite clear yet, but there’s something there, some unifying factor.

It’s a scary unifying factor, not only because it puts our family that’s “of color” at increasing risk. It puts the entire nation at risk. “Christianity” seems to be undergoing an American divide. There is white MAGA Christianity and then there are people that read what Jesus said and – quite frankly – look more like Jesus, the Palestinian Jew. (A little color).

I mention this in the Rudy column only because of this growing divide, the “white Christianist movement” – which Rudy must consider his home, no matter the color of the dye, fulfills one of the most essential elements to a civil war, religious and ethnic divides.

Interesting and threatening to all good people, especially POC. But, most of us on this side can pay our phone bill.



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