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THERE IS NO BOTTOM: Trump Grotesquely Bashes John McCain in New Book, Has to Criticize McCain’s Funeral

Trump’s grudges never end, even in death. This is one of the most glaring symptoms of this very sick man. Perhaps upon Trump’s death, the grudges will end… Maybe not, he might have them engraved on the world’s largest headstone (a gold one.)

Trump’s new book is comprised of nothing but love letters to him, exalting him beyond human status, surely in part because Trump handpicked the letters. He likely received five-thousand letters with green signature stamps in the envelopes demanding he pays a small company owned by a man who needed to feed his family and surely depended upon full payment by such a rich man.

Those letters are not in the book.

We don’t have a copy of the book but one can safely say that Trump picked out letters that flattered him at shameless levels because Trump fell for flattery, especially flattery that any sensible person would recognize as manipulative bullshit.

But even in a book among letters to Trump, he just couldn’t help himself. He had to add a “letter” to a dead man, written by Trump, explaining why he both couldn’t stand the late Sen. John McCain and yet did so much for him after McCain died:

“I never warmed to him,” wrote Trump, “never felt good about anybody having anything to do with John McCain and never will, even despite the fact that at their request, I gave him the world’s longest funeral, 11 days. Much like his wars, it never ended.”

What did Trump DO to give McCain the world’s longest funeral? (Wrong, by the way, ask the ancient Egyptians about long funerals. They built pyramids ahead and behind the time of their leaders’ death.) But what did Trump actually DO to “give” McCain this funeral?

Anyway? Bueller?

Oh, and Trump lied. From the Trump-loving NY Post:

McCain’s memorial events actually spanned five days, not 11. He lay in state at the Arizona Capitol Building for a day ahead of a memorial service in Phoenix.

From there, his body was taken to Washington, DC, where he lay in state at the US Capitol for one day before a memorial at the Washington National Cathedral and burial at the United States Naval Academy Cemetery over the next two.

Trump was not invited to McCain’s funeral after the then-sitting president disparaged the disabled Vietnam veteran’s five and a half years as a prisoner of war while running for office.

The feeling was mutual.

Indeed, Barack Obama got a good dig at Trump during his eulogy when he said he was surprised to be asked. Obama said, “I suppose the Senator just wanted to hear what George and I would say about him…” leaving out the current occupant of the White House. McCain wasn’t interested.

So, even in death, Trump needed to express his hatred of McCain, while also congratulating himself for being so “generous” in what he gave McCain… upon his death… Nothing.

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