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Bitter and Nasty Megyn Kelly Slams Jen Psaki, Says She Has ‘No Talent’ and Just Wanted to be a ‘Cable News TV Star’

On slower news days, when I have a moment, I often ask myself “What the hell is wrong with Megyn Kelly?” I’m sure a lot of us ask that question because she goes off on bizarre tangents that we later find out have no merit. Like Monday, for instance, when she claimed on her podcast The Megyn Kelly Show, where she claimed that MSNBC’s Jen Psaki’s ratings “have gone off a cliff” because “no one wants to watch.”

Psaki is President Joe Biden’s former press secretary and it’s been just about a year since she left the White House and began her new show on MSNBC in March, The New York Post reports.

“We looked up just the trajectory to see maybe she’s just started and she’s building [her audience], you know, give her some time,” Kelly said in referring to Psaki, during her podcast on SiriusXM.

“Literally, it’s like a downward escalator … the overall and the demo off a cliff.”

I don’t really know if you can consider this “off-a-cliff” material but Inside with Jen Psaki drew 765,000 total viewers for its April 23 show, a two percent drop from the week before, according to the USTVBD website.

When the show debuted on March 19, it drew roughly 1.1 million viewers, Nielsen reports.

Kelly went on to say that Psaki “now is trying to make herself into a star and she’s failing because she has no actual talent in this field.”

“She had more talent being a professional spinner behind the lectern than she does being a different kind of professional spinner behind the MSNBC mic,” she added.

The former Fox News host, who was fired from NBC, also has a habit of being a “spinner.” This includes last week when she insinuated Biden was too feeble to stand, even though we all know better than that.

Not quite content to leave things at that, Kelly also criticized Psaki for purportedly considering leaving the Biden administration to pursue a cable news show.

“This is so true of all these people that work at the White House Press office,” Kelly said. “What they really want to be a cable news star. And so they lay the foundation while they’re over there trying to make themselves into a national personality.”

“What they really want is the job of the people they watch on primetime every day,” Kelly concluded. “They’re envious.

But Kelly can go on about this however she likes. The fact is, Psaki’s new show is consistently attracting larger audiences than her competition on CNN. The Post notes Psaki easily beat her ratings-challenged CNN rivals in total viewers and in the 25-54 demographic as well.

I’m glad Psaki is doing well, especially since it proves Kelly wrong.

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