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Don Jr. Admits His Father Actually Talks to Him — But of Course It’s to Criticize Him and Put Him Down

Donald Trump Jr. has become well known for his wild antics whenever he does a video. It’s led many people to understandably question if he’s “on” something, or just exactly what’s the matter with him. He’s recently said dear old Dad has been advising him to tone it down for his Triggered podcast.

But on another podcast, the Wednesday edition of Tim Pool’s Timcast IRL, at one time the two were discussing imitations of his father and a clip from the show is wending its way across Twitter, thanks to The Post Millennial, Mediaite reports.

“I don’t do Trump,” Junior clarified. “I don’t do the Trump impression. I don’t make fun of hair because maybe the Trump hair gene kicks in one day. So I’m like, I’m just not gonna play with it. You know, I’m just gonna leave it alone… It’s a karma thing.”

At one point, Don Jr. was asked if he thinks he’ll sound like his dad when he reaches a certain age.

“They already say I have the hand gesture. It’s funny, like when I’m doing my podcast on Mondays at 6, Thursdays at 6 on Rumble, he called me, he’s like, ‘I saw the podcast content — a lot less hands. A lot less hands, Don,” Jr. said in an almost flawless impression of his father. That was met with peals of laughter from the Timcast crew.

“I go like, ‘How much less hands? He goes, ‘Like, 95% less hands’ … he speaks with his hands too. You know, so I guess I do that too. And I just, I get impassioned and no one’s ever said I’m low energy,” Don Jr. explained. “You know, you get thrown out of the window of Trump Tower if you’re low energy in my family.”

Laughing, the podcast hosts didn’t fail to note the former president is “king of the hand gestures.”

“Because there’s a couple times where I’m like, we have to have a discussion about self-awareness…I would get a call sometimes when he was president,” Junior said. “I’d get a call from the White House — ‘Don, you’re too aggressive on Twitter.”

“It’s like that 80s drunk commercial. Like, ‘I learned it by watching you Dad.’ I’m sitting there being like, man, of all the things. Like I will listen to him on many things if he’s got business advice, political, I mean the guy’s done a lot. He’s accomplished a lot. And I was like, this is the one place where maybe you’ve ceded the moral high ground here,” he added.

Whenever I’ve watched Don Jr. (which admittedly isn’t often) he seems almost manic and that’s why some people on Twitter have wondered what’s behind all his gesticulating.

Maybe there will come a time when he realizes comparisons to dear old Dad aren’t necessarily a good thing. I’m not holding my breath on that one though.

Here’s the clip below.

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