Resurfaced Video Shows a VERY Different Melania Trump Than the One We’ve Come to Know

In her years at the White House and after, Melania Trump has seemed rather aloof. She rarely appears in public and isn’t one to make public statements. This is a stark contrast from a few years ago when she appeared quite chatty on a talk show, Express reports.

She appeared on the Rachel Ray show, where she discussed her new jewelry line with Ray, and this was a far cry from the reserved, stonily silent Melania of recent years. Of late, she’s been definitely keeping a low profile, only occasionally appearing in public with her husband, former President Donald Trump.

Last month, Melania appeared alongside her husband at Mar-a-Lago, where they enjoyed an Easter brunch. She has occasionally been seen over the past few weeks, but overall, she’d really taken a big break from appearing in public, having not been seen since New Year’s. And it’s been years since she’s done an interview.

But the former first lady hasn’t always been this elusive, and the former model made the talk show rounds to promote her jewelry line and to discuss her life with Donald Trump, and in the clip from the Rachel Ray show we see a Melania who was almost effervescent.

Melania and the famed chef and TV host chatted about the jewelry line, which Melania, partnering with QVC, launched in 2010. The collection was themed around New York, Paris, and Palm Beach, where the couple lives at Mar-a-Lago.

All of the pieces in the collection are under $200 and were featured as an affordable version of the future first lady’s favorites. Each is inspired by her own personal collection. There was even one bracelet that was inspired by the one Trump gave her when their son Barron was born.

“I wanted to offer women across the country an affordable option because why not spoil yourself?” she told Ray. “You could buy jewelry for yourself.”

Melania also tries to mention that she started in “design and architecture” which sadly we didn’t get to hear more about. Melania famously lied that she graduated with a degree in “design and architecture” when she didn’t even finish her first semester.

And as for her husband, she told the host that “He is very supportive. He always said ‘You have great ideas, you have great style and I think you will do a fantastic job.”

It’s surprising to see Melania actually being friendly, and while the jewelry is pretty, we should remember it’s still a grift. When you’re married to a billionaire, there’s no obvious reason for doing this except to make money that you don’t really need.

Here’s the conversation below.

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