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Russia Plans to Build a MAGA Village in Moscow for American Conservatives Who Want to Move There

ATTENTION: Calling all Trump supporters, QAnon believers, anti-vaxxers, Oath Keepers, Big Lie believers, Proud Boys, and anyone else who’s a few neurons short of a brain, Russia may just have the perfect place for you. At least according to a Russian media outlet, which reports plans are in the works for a village to be built in the Moscow region for Conservative Americans and Canadians.

According to Newsweek, the Kremlin-backed RIA Novosti news agency reported Thursday that construction on the community that will cater to expatriates with “traditional” values will likely begin next year.

Relations between the U.S. and Russia have chilled, especially when it comes to the conflict in Ukraine, but Russian President Vladimir Putin has been supporting causes near and dear to many conservatives. He’s signed legislation that severely restricts LGBTQ+ rights, and while his relationship with President Joe Biden isn’t particularly chummy, we certainly know that Putin and Trump seemed to appreciate each other.

And while Tucker Carlson might be out at Fox News, he and other conservative media pundits, especially those critical of the war in Ukraine, are regarded fondly. Trump also gets plenty of positive coverage from Russian state-operated media outlets.

RIA Novosti referenced Timur Beslangurov—a partner of VISTA Immigration law firm. He assists foreign investors to gain residency and citizenship in Russia. Beslangurov is quoted as saying “About 200 families want to emigrate [to Russia] for ideological reasons.”

Perhaps he should start placing ads in The Daily Caller or on OANN. I’m sure many Americans wouldn’t mind if their MAGA neighbors moved. It could be a real thing.

Beslangurov said that in total, tens of thousands of people with no ties to Russia want to move to the country. RIA Novosti said the attorney spoke about the project for conservative expatriates at a legal forum in St. Petersburg, and that the regional government in Russia had approved plans for the village.

Purportedly many of the 200 families seeking to move from Canada or the U.S. to the Russian village are traditional Catholics who “very strongly believe in the prophecy that Russia will remain the only Christian country in the world.”

Newsweek reports that no Russian officials have announced plans for this village, but according to Beslangurov, the Moscow region administration has approved the project. And, he added, the community will be funded by the relocating families.

So why are conservative Westerners fleeing to Russia? Beslangurov said progressive values are to blame.

“The reason is the propaganda of radical values: Today they have 70 genders (that’s a new one to me), it is not known what will happen next. Many normal people emigrate, including considering Russia, but they face huge bureaucratic problems of Russian migration legislation,” he said.

International political strategist George Ajjan told Newsweek that if this report is true, Russia won’t have a difficult time finding conservatives for the village.

“There are plenty of Americans who have made a choice to live abroad, whether borne of pragmatism and logistic ease, or ideological reasons,” Ajjan said. “Out of 330 million, you could probably populate a small compound in Moscow suburbs with Americans as obsessed with their wokeness victimization narrative as they are willfully ignorant of the harsh realities of living in an authoritarian state.”

Gee, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Lauren Boebert don’t like being “woke.” I wonder if they know about this.

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