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The Trump Organization Just Received Even More BAD NEWS — At the Worst Possible Time

This shouldn’t come as a shock.

Donald Trump’s company, the Trump Organization is a bottom feeder. That’s according to the annual Axios-Harris survey of brand reputations for America’s 100 most prominent companies, where it was, in fact at the bottom of the list.

The survey, released earlier this week, gathers public opinion for each of the 100 companies that are most frequently named by the survey’s participants, according to The Independent. Folks taking part in the survey were asked to name two companies that currently hold the best and worst reputations among average Americans, for a total of four nominations. Then the individual responses were aggregated into a list of the 100 most notable brands in the U.S.

In ranking the brands, the survey considered nine characteristics, including such things as workplace culture, business ethics, and customer trust, and this is why (unsurprisingly) the Trump Organization ranked dead last, finishing behind bankrupt cryptocurrency exchange FTX, Twitter, and Spirit Airlines.

Other companies that didn’t fare well reputation-wise (but still beat the Trump Organization) included the recently bankrupt Bed, Bath, & Beyond and Starbucks, which is being heavily criticized by the left for alleged union-busting efforts.

This is the second time in two years that the former president’s company has trawled along the bottom as the company with the worst reputation in the U.S. A reputation it earned, in part, because it has battled to defend itself against waves of allegations of fraudulent business practices that included the illegal inflation and deflation of asset values in order to make it easier to obtain loans and pay taxes at more favorable rates.

New York Attorney General Letitia James is attempting to bar the Trump Organization from doing any business in the state and Trump himself now faces a swarm of legal battles surrounding his own personal conduct. Allen Weisselberg, the company’s CFO pleaded guilty last year to more than a dozen criminal charges that include tax fraud and the falsification of business records.

In an odd way, this is emblematic of Trump’s presidency. CBS News compiled a list of 45 U.S. presidents, and Trump, the only president to be impeached twice (and indicted) ranked #43, just above James Buchanan and Andrew Jackson. Franklin D. Roosevelt earned the #1 spot and he’s the only president to have been elected four times, although he died before the end of his fourth term.

U.S. News and World Report noted that C-SPAN ranked Trump fourth from the bottom among 44 presidents in its Presidential Leadership Survey. He was ranked dead last regarding moral authority and leadership skills, the survey found.

So it’s just as I observed earlier: Trump and his company are bottom feeders. If this morally bankrupt man becomes president again, what does this say about Americans as a whole? That our expectations are so low that we’ll elevate someone who’s so corrupt, so lacking in common decency and basic humanity to the highest office in the country?

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