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Trump Posted Something So Humiliating and Disturbing on Truth Social People Can’t Believe It’s Real

As part of my job, I must follow Donald Trump’s Truth Social feed a few times a day. Usually it’s the normal posts screaming about how everyone is out to get him, that he’s the ultimate victim, you know the drill. But sometimes, usually when he’s feeling sad or cornered, he posts memes that are supposed to show how great he is. And some of these memes are just too humiliating for words.

And Trump posted one of these doozies last night. Now, before you actually see it, I want to describe it a bit, so you can get an idea in your head of this masterpiece before you actually see it.

M’okay. Let’s get this baby started.

In this video Trump is a drummer I suppose…and Travis Barker he is not. He is smiling away and he is beating away at the drums. But these aren’t just any drums my friends…these drums are all emblazoned with the photos of Trump’s enemies. Let’s see. I see Kathy Griffin, Liz Cheney, Joy Behar, Hillary Clinton (of course), Kaitlan Collins, Nancy Pelosi and Whoopi Goldberg. STRANGE! And of course he’s beating all women.

And the video has him just beating along at these drums with his big fat smile just gloating and loving every moment of it. Obviously this was made by one of Trump’s supporters, the type of supporter that still lives in mom’s basement, and spends his day making these dumb memes praying for the day Trump actually posts one.

Trump posted this on Truth Social where his people absolutely loved it…thinking it was the funniest thing on the planet.

Now, see this work of MAGA art yourself:

Trump is about the turn 77 years old and he actually posted that. As you’d imagine, people on Twitter were just amazed…that Trump would post it, and that there are so many people in this country who continue to support this man and want him to be president again. Take a look: