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Trump’s Memorial Day Message is SICK: All About TRUMP, Hating Biden, and Nothing About Memorializing Those Who Died for Our Country

I get it.

Memorial Day is the official kick-off to the summer season; you can get your white shirts and shorts out again, nice flip flops (Not those cheap sh*t ones from Walmart like the ones I’m wearing now), flip flops that cost $104.00 are entirely acceptable fine dining attire under slacks-khakis and a buttoned down shirt, barbeques mandatory… all that.

But there is also supposed to be one small slice of Memorial Day that, well, memorializes the men and women who died for our country; whether the cause was just (World War II) or not (Iraqi War), they followed orders and sacrificed all. We are supposed to reserve a small slice of the weekend to remember them.

Donald Trump doesn’t have time for your memorial sh*t about “losers” (his words) who fought and died in wars. No, he wants to talk about the holiday, and it’s tough to tell if he wants you to have a good holiday or a truly truly horrific one because Joe Biden has destroyed America in just two and a half years.

“Taxes are higher than they have ever been.” No. In the post-WWII era, the top top tax brackets were over 75%, you stupid ffff, and even under President Biden, taxes are only up for people making more than $400,000 a year and corporations. Everyone else got a tax cut, unlike your administration which did the opposite.

Gas prices are up. Yep. It’s called a war to preserve democracy along with global inflation, and no country has done to keep global inflation better controlled than the United States.

So things are more expensive, yes – economies are cyclical and lagging, meaning stupid shit is done by someone else and the impacts are felt a few years later.

But listen to Donald Trump tell you that it is impossible to have a good Memorial Day weekend, and don’t say anything about remembering anyone except remembering him and when he had America “great.”


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