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What Karen McDougal Just Disclosed About Her 10-Month Affair with Trump Will Break Melania’s Heart

We’ve certainly heard more than we need to know about former President Donald Trump’s alleged fling with Stormy Daniels and his ensuing arrest and arraignment in a Manhattan courtroom, making him the first former president in history to be criminally indicted. But there’s a lesser-known person involved in this sordid tale as well, according to The Daily Mail.

Ex-playboy model Karen McDougal was the third person in this messy triangle. But unlike Daniels, who has made her contempt for Trump quite clear, by noting their alleged encounter was “the worst 90-seconds of my life,” McDougal says she and the multimillionaire real estate mogul were in love.

She maintains this was no casual affair.

“I was in love with him,” she said. “He was in love with me. I know that because he told me all the time. He’d say ‘You’re my baby and I love you.’ He showed me off to his friends.”

Imagine hearing that if you are Melania Trump. And the sad thing is, she probably knows it’s true because Trump most likely used the same lines on her.

But just as he’s done with Daniels, Trump maintains the 10-month affair was fiction rather than fact. He continues to say the claims are part of a “political witch-hunt” to keep him out of office. McDougal, however, has her own thoughts about this.

“His people have denied it, but he’s never denied it,” McDougal says. “A reporter asked him: ‘Did you have an affair with Karen McDougal?’ and all he said was: ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’ He knows I’m telling the truth.”

Well maybe. But sometimes people, including me, choose to see things that aren’t really there, hoping that things will come true if only we continue to believe.

But that’s just me, anyway.

And McDougal insists she was the dumper and not the dumpee.

“I’m portrayed as the disgruntled woman, but I am not that woman. I ended it,” she notes.

She was trying to find ways to get out of the relationship, and things turned serendipitous.

“A family member came to town and we went to a bar and I met a lovely man named Bruce.”

Who just happened to be Die Hard actor Bruce Willis. The two were pictured holding hands in Italy while on holiday in Italy in 2007. The couple dated for six months.

“I wasn’t cheating on Trump but Bruce and I were talking on the phone a lot already so that made it easier to end it,” McDougal says. “Why would I stay with a married man when Bruce was a nice guy, and single?”

Indeed, Trump’s wife Melania was home at Mar-a-Lago, having just given birth to their son Barron. So why indeed?

Trump, was the star of the reality TV show Celebrity Apprentice when he met McDougal in 2006 at a pool party for the contestants at Hugh Hefner’s famed Playboy mansion in Los Angeles. She was wearing a see-through dress over her swimsuit and Trump took notice.

He hadn’t even been married to Melania for two years yet.

“He followed me around like a puppy dog, trying to get my attention,” McDougal told the Mail. “He took to me so much that the Bunny Mother (who looks after the women working  as Playboy bunnies) said: ‘Wow, he really has a thing for you.'”

“I was saying goodbye and he was standing next to his bodyguard Keith Schiller, and he said, ‘Keith, get her number.”

“He called a few days later and asked me to have dinner with him at the Beverly Hills Hotel,” McDougal says.

She regrets the affair now.

“I’m ashamed about it now because I knew he was married but at the time it was out of sight, out of mind. I was a different girl then, having fun and not thinking about things too deeply.”

The dinner was simple — the couple dined on steak and mashed potatoes that were delivered by room service to the bungalow where Trump was staying. “We ate at a little table in the kitchen area with the TV on in the background,” McDougal remembers.

“After dinner, things heated up and Trump made his move. I was attracted to him, but it wan’t like I was looking to jump into bed with Donald Trump, on the first night especially,” she remembers.

But they hit the sack anyway. He offered her money when things wrapped up, and it left her horrified.

“I was dressed and ready to go, and I saw this stack of cash in his hands,” McDougal says.

“I said; ‘I’m not that kind of girl.’ He knew he’d made a mistake when he saw how upset I was. He told me I was really special.'”

Even so, she “cried all the way home,” when Keith drove her back.

“I didn’t think I’d see Trump again — but we got past it. I got another call asking me to dinner and I don’t know why, but I said yes.”

And that was the start of a consensual affair, she says adding they met five or six times a month. Their first outing together was at the same Lake Tahoe event in 2006, where Daniels claims she had sex with him.

“I don’t know how he squeezed that in,” McDougal notes. “If it happened, it must have been the day before I arrived, or the day after I left, because I thought I was with him all the time.”

Well, Trump is nothing if not sleazy.

During their time together, the two visited Trump’s golf courses in New Jersey and California and he showed her around his three-story penthouse in Trump Tower in Manhattan, the Mail reports. This wasn’t like Stormy Daniels, a quickie in a hotel room. This was an affair that lasted almost a year. He introduced her to his friends. She was him in home, his bedroom that he shared with Melania. At least in the beginning of their marriage I assume Donald and Melania shared a bedroom. Trump took her to his properties in Bedminster and Palos Verdes, California.

But this was a bit nerve-wracking for McDougal.

“As we passed staff in the building, I asked; ‘aren’t you afraid they’re going to say something?’ And Trump said, ‘nah, they won’t saying anything.'”

“It was just a tour — nothing happened, in there,” she adds, “I was desperate to get out because I was in another woman’s house. I was uncomfortable.”

And she helped her paramour keep things off the books.

“I paid for my flights and hotels, and he reimbursed me in cash,” she says. “It was so there wouldn’t be any paper trail, no proof.”

Along the way, she met and was photographed with Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric. She also met Ivanka and that’s when the guilt really set in. By now, Bruce Willis, who was definitely hot at the time was coming around, and that made it easier for her to leave.

Like most jilted lovers, Trump was not happy. He was dumped over the phone, McDougal said.

“My mother didn’t like us being together and I used that as the excuse. He said; ‘What? That old hag?’ I was angry. I told him that’s my mother and don’t disrect her. I pointed out that he and my mother are the same age.'”

And that’s Trump in a nutshell. Women are either hotties like Daniels and McDougal or they are “hags.” There’s no in-between with this man.

“He wasn’t happy,” McDougal says. “He doesn’t like being rejected but he didn’t try to persuade me to come back. The phone call ended on bad terms.”

All I can say at this point is that McDougal isn’t missing anything. Melania still puts up with his sorry a$$, becoming invisible at Mar-a-Lago. She has undoubtedly heard about this story by now, and it’s easy to imagine it broke her heart.

Whatever floats your boat I guess. Sure wouldn’t float mine.


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