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Biden Has a New Nickname for Trump and Donnie Is Going to HATE It

If Republicans are good at anything, it’s framing things to make you feel the way they want you to feel. That’s why they coined the term “tax relief” — so you begin any debate with the assumption taxes are a burden you need relief from.

There are a thousand more examples, and if you wanted to learn how to turn this manipulation around on them, there are plenty of books [1] on the topic.

But their latest is jabbing at Joe’s term “Bidenomics.” They’re attempting to tie anything bad in the economy to President Biden, despite the fact that all the numbers — jobs, etc — that are unaffected by profits for corporations going up are better now than they were under Trump. Sure, we’re seeing inflation, but we’re also seeing how Trump policies led to CEOs making 40 percent more money while costs have remained the same.

On Thursday, however, Biden was giving a speech at a college and he focused on jobs. Unemployment is much lower under Biden than it was under Trump. And President Joe wasn’t afraid to talk about it:

“Folks, it wasn’t that long ago we were losing jobs in this country.In fact, there were only two presidents in American history with fewer jobs the day they left office than when they started. One was President Hoover, and the other was Donald ‘Hoover’ Trump.”

Donald. Hoover. Trump. Roll that around in your head for a minute. It’s got a nice ring to it, and by that I mean, it’s awfully accurate.

In fact, Trump left office with a net loss of three million jobs over the course of his four years in office. That’s the same number of jobs created by the Bush administration over 8 years, and W had, at the time, the worst jobs numbers since… you guessed it, Hoover.

You’d better believe that if the shoe was on the other foot, Trump would be going HARD on Biden over jobs. All Joe has done is smile and show people exactly what has actually been happening.

It’s not like the media is giving him any love for it, either. From his approval ratings, you’d think Americans were getting their news about Joe from Trump himself.

Maybe I’ll take up using the nickname and hope other writers do too.