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Biographer Says Legal Fees Have Left Rudy Giuliani ‘Penniless’, Once Spent $250,000 a Month on ‘Fun’

Maybe cut back on the fun a little, Rudy.

Andrew Kirtzman, who has been covering and writing about Rudy Giuliani for more than 20 years, recently wrote another biography about the former NY mayor. Rudy has been in the news quite a bit lately, of course, as he’s been swept up in Donald Trump’s legal battles.

But what’s kept him in the news is his financial situation. He’s already been forced to sell his New York apartment. Trump held a pathetic fundraiser for him where almost nobody showed up.

And now Kirtzman says Rudy is essentially flat broke.

Giuliani is under indictment in Georgia for his role in trying to overturn the 2020 presidential election. He’s being sued over unpaid legal bills by his former lawyer. And he’s already been found guilty of defamation of two polls workers. In that case, he’s just waiting for a judge to tell him how much he’ll have to pay the election workers.

Kirtzman went on CNN Tuesday to discuss Giuliani’s situation.

“I mean, one of the striking things about the lawsuit I read today was just how much trouble Giuliani has gotten himself into over four years. Costello [his former lawyer that’s suing him] has represented him through four investigations – three of them criminal – 10 civil suits, two disbarment hearings. And I don’t even know if that includes the sexual harassment suit by a former employee. I mean, Giuliani has just this deep attraction to danger and you know, he has no one to blame but himself.”

But apparently that attraction to danger extends to the way Rudy spends his money. Despite being worth $100 million on paper, Giuliani is in a deep hole, and Kirtzman says that’s been going on a while.

“Well, I mean, Giuliani’s going broke. He’s going broke and he’s facing prison. And, you know, his catastrophic fall is just one of the great, kind of, rise and falls of our generation. I mean, Giuliani was once worth $100 million. His Giuliani Partners was founded right after 9/11 to capitalize on his 9/11 fame. The place made $100 million over five years.

Giuliani has squandered it. He’s had several divorces. He lived very high, his ex-wife said that they were burning through $250,000 a month on sheer “fun.” A month! I mean, he lived very well and now he’s penniless and facing prison. It’s an extraordinary story.”

I don’t know about you, but I could have a lot of fun on a quarter million dollars a YEAR, and Rudy apparently spent that every month. What does that even look like? Steaks for every meal? Brushing his teeth with caviar? It’s very hard to imagine Rudy at Six Flags (although it is funny to do so).

We’ll see what happens with Rudy as it comes. But it’s amazing to find this stuff out from outside, confirmed sources.


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