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Lauren Boebert Just Announced She Dumped Her Beetlejuice Boyfriend and Won’t Date Any More Democrats

Well, what exactly does party affiliation have to do with this? Lauren Boebert was spotted by TMZ arriving back in Washington DC and was asked by a reporter her about the “incident” in Denver at the Bettlejuice show. You know, the one where she was caught vaping in front of a pregnant woman, dancing and being obnoxious, taking flash photos, and that whole explicit part.

Boebert strangely said that voters have been stressed out thinking about serious issues, but she is “here to provide levity and lift burden off of people.”

Umm, what? This woman is a terrible representative who absolutely humiliated herself and she’s trying to make a joke out of it?? Especially when she’s a conservative who constantly talks about family values, who was caught canoodling with a Democrat while vaping and flipping the bird at people.

Boebert then said, “All future date nights have been cancelled, and I learned to check party affiliations before you go on a date. It was mostly a lovely time.”

She then said she is no longer dating the man she was seen with at Beetlejuice, a man she had reportedly been seeing for months:

“He’s a wonderful man, it was a great time … He’s a private citizen, but we have peacefully parted at this time.”

What does him being a Democrat have to do with it? If anything that makes her look better! That she eschews party lines when it comes to her personal life. But nope, she has to be an idiot:


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