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Lauren Boebert’s New EX-Boyfriend Is Probably Wishing He Never Met Her at This Point

Whoops! Let's see if he takes her out again.

Quinn Gallagher, the (apparent) idiot who thought it would be a good idea to go on a date with Lauren Boebert, is now suffering from what the kids call FAFO. That would be internet speak for “f*ck around and find out.”

Gallagher, who owns a bar called Hooch in Colorado, found out the hard way that sometimes family values aren’t quite what you think they’ll be. He was escorted, along with Boebert, from a recent showing of Beetlejuice after the congresswoman was caught vaping in the theater and acting like a fool.

Now that bar he owns is getting hit with a massive number of negative reviews.

The biggest reason for the negativity isn’t necessarily his proximity to Boebert, but his hypocrisy. Hooch has played host to a number of drag shows, notably the “Winter Wonderland Burlesque and Drag Show,” and a number of events during Aspen Gay Ski Week.

That’s in stark contrast to Boebert’s public takes:

We are pretty excited that she knows who Randy Rainbow is, but her hypocrisy is just as bad as Gallagher’s. Unfortunately for him it’s his business that will take the hit, while she’ll remain popular among right-wingers.

Some of the reviews on social media were brutal:

“Apparently whatever core values co-owner Quinn Gallagher claims to possess were thrown out the window when he met Trailer Trash Queen Lauren Boebert.”

“Gotta love a place that will take your money, but hang out with bigots who deem you worthless and vote against your very business existing.”

“Save your money, skip this bar.”

Who knows if Hooch will survive the onslaught. And for that matter, who knows if he even keeps dating Boebert? And if he does, he’s clearly picking a woman who will grope him in a theater in public over providing both fun for everyday patrons and a safe place for the marginalized to perform.

And mind you, Boebert announced on Monday afternoon that she had broken up with Gallagher and wouldn’t be dating Democrats anymore. So maybe people will give him a break and start going easy on him now.

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