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New Footage Shows Boebert Grabbing Boyfriend’s Junk In Crowded Theater While He Gropes Her

This story just keeps getting better. Or worse, as it may be.

Just when you thought the story about Lauren Boebert’s escapades at the Denver performance of Beetlejuice was over, up comes some new information. And this time it’s worse than her just giving the finger to security as she was kicked out.

Security footage released Thursday night of Boebert and her boyfriend during the show they were eventually booted from shows far more than we’re sure the Colorado congresswoman is comfortable with.

Not only does it show she lied about not having been using a vaporizer during the show, it also revealed some of the, um, “activities” she was getting up to with her beau.

She had initially blamed the vaping allegation on fog machines used during the show, which turned out to be nonsense. But a deeper look at the footage shows Quinn Gallagher, the Democrat bar owner she was on a date with, groping her breasts in the middle of the packed theater.

Boebert then grabs his hand and pulls it closer to her chest while she reaches over to apparently fondle his penis through his pants.

Watch the extended video below to see her clearly vaping, and to see the fondling begin between the two:

The new footage comes from Marshall Zelinger, a political investigative reporter for Denver’s 9NEWS.

Now, don’t get us wrong. We’re not prudes. We know people get excited on dates in anticipation of later activities.

But seriously. If you’re openly making a scene, you’ve already been warned about other behavior, and you’re insulting the people sitting around you (including a pregnant woman), maybe don’t push your luck and move right on to the sex portion while you’re still at the show.

After all, Lauren is a proud member of the party of “family values,” and her family values are so so strong that she’s not even fully divorced yet (from the guy who once exposed himself in a bowling alley, and she’s already moved on in a very bipartisan way to public sex with the enemy.


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