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QAnon Rioter Sentenced to Prison Compares Herself to Jesus and Says She ‘Did the Right Thing’

No regrets, apparently.

Yvonne St. Cyr, one of the January 6 defendants who scaled broken glass to actually go inside the Capitol, was convicted in March of two felony counts of civil disorder. She was also convicted of several misdemeanors. St. Cyr was sentenced Wednesday to 30 months in lockup and three full years of supervised release, and $2,000 in restitution.

Immediately following her March trial, she went on a Facebook livestream and claimed that it may never move on to the sentencing phase because the “truth” would be public by then. “Their sh*t’s gonna blow up! So just keep watching Tucker [Carlson], keep spreading the truth, keep talking about the corruption, keep sharing, and we will bring the system doooooowwwwn.”

Tucker Carlson’s “news” show on Fox has, of course, been canceled since then. St. Cyr and her fellow fans must now get their white supremacist, conspiracy-theorist, right-wing nutso fix from Tucker’s online show he broadcasts on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Now, we’re not saying that Tucker’s the dumbest guy on the planet, but honestly, he better hope that guy doesn’t die.

In a video posted before her sentencing, she said even if she does end up in federal custody, “prison will give me plenty of time to write a book.” “I understood what Jesus felt like when he was in the garden of Gethsemane praying and felt so alone,” St Cyr said, apparently referring to the four Gospels that said Jesus Christ prayed in Gethsemane, a Biblical site in Jerusalem, before his crucifixion.

Attempting to tamp down the crazy a little bit at the sentencing, St. Cyr’s attorney Nicole Owens said her client was at the Capitol that day because of a “misguided sense of duty.” But then St. Cyr herself was allowed to speak.

She repeatedly told the court about her oath to defend the Constitution (having served in the armed forces), and her belief that the last election was stolen. “I’ve been on a spiritual journey,” St. Cyr told the judge, before launching into an unhinged rant nearly an hour long. The judge actually admonished her to wrap it up, after she had brought up our air, radio frequencies, and even a woman she saw arrested during the height of the COVID pandemic.

Although “the spirit” told her that jail time wasn’t going to happen, she took solace in the fact that if it did, “prison will give me plenty of time to write a book.”

“I did the right thing. I know it sounds delusional.”

Yes, yes it does, Yvonne. Enjoy “the spirit” of jail.

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