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Reagan Library Calls Trump a ‘Spoiled Brat in a Sandbox’ and They Refuse to Allow Him to Speak at Their Institute

Prior to George W. Bush, few people in America who don’t vote Republican could name a Republican they thought less of than Ronald Reagan. For many, Reagan is the reason they don’t vote Republican.

But since then, we’ve seen the whole nation shift rightward in politics, even as we shift leftward in the culture wars. Heck, even Obama’s top marginal tax rate was lower than Reagan’s, and he deported more people, too. That shift to the right allowed Republicans to re-canonize Reagan as the patron saint of their party.

Ronnie looked downright reasonable next to killing a million Iraqis and a deficit swing of $5.5 trillion.

Then came Donald Trump. The Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation and Institute has decided that Trump is definitely not their guy. Now, it’s not entirely for the reasons you or I might name. Conservatives who don’t like Trump generally dislike him because he’s uncouth. He’s not who they want representing them, even if they share his beliefs.

One member of the board of trustees at the Reagan Library called Trump a “spoiled brat in a sandbox.”

That’s not an inaccurate description. He hates to be wrong to the point of refusing to ever admit that he was. He tries to change rules to fit his own agenda. And he’s constantly acting like a bully.

The same board member said in an interview with Politico that they would not invite Trump to speak at the Institute. Multiple former Trump administration officials have spoken there.

The trustee went on:

“So many of the things that Trump did, and what he stood for, are just not consistent with the Reagan philosophy. I wouldn’t want to condone what Trump had done by inviting him to speak. That would be sort of an acceptance of his behavior over the years.”

Donald Trump has made a complete mockery of the American government, and he’s done it with a smile on his face.

If we had our way, we’d prefer that people recognize how bad he is for his ultra-right wing policies and not just his ill-fitting suits and the occasional faux pas while out of the country. But this will do for now.