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Rudy Giuliani ‘May Have Been Compromised’ by Russia But Trump’s FBI Didn’t Care, Says Special Agent

This is a bombshell.

In an interview with Insider, a current FBI Special Agent, Johnathan Buma, says that during the initial investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, his leads linking Rudy Giuliani to the Kremlin were largely ignored.

That’s an allegation that’s being taken very seriously in Washington, according to a congressional staffer.

Buma told Insider that “Rudy Giuliani may have been compromised by individuals suspected of being involved in Russian counterintelligence influence operations,” and that within the agency, “I saw important intelligence information being suppressed.”

Frankly, that’s terrifying. Finding out this late in the game that there’s been serious Russian counterintelligence involved the whole time that the FBI ignored means that we could have put a stop to it years ago.

How much of the Burisma allegations against Joe Biden and his son are based on compromised intelligence? Would House Republicans even have a scrap of material to justify an impeachment inquiry against President Biden today if it had been exposed years ago that the main intelligence agency responsible for investigating Russian ties was purposely ignoring anything linking Donald Trump’s lawyer to the scandal?

Buma found that a high-ranking Ukrainian oligarch, Pavel Fuks, had given nearly half a million dollars to Rudy Giuliani’s firm. Fuks was at Trump’s inauguration and had already asked about getting a Trump Tower built in Moscow. This was ignored by the FBI, despite the fact that Fuks was listed in one of their own reports as a “co-opted asset” of Russian intelligence.

What’s more, the payments Fuks made to Giuliani lined up with Rudy’s trips to Ukraine to do “intelligence gathering” on the Bidens and get Ukrainian officials to begin an investigation into the Burisma situation.

Buma says that he raised all of this with his superiors at the FBI, but they simply weren’t interested in the information he’d gathered. In fact, the FBI eventually blocked Agent Buma from doing any reporting related to Trump or the ongoing investigation into Russian ties, Ukraine, or Rudy Giuliani.

Buma finally got all of this public through a legal program for whistleblowers, and as we noted, is still employed by the FBI today.


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