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Trump Held a $100K Per Seat Fundraiser for Rudy at Bedminster, Guess How Many Tickets Were Sold?

It looks like America’s love for former NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani has finally come completely to an end. Sure, we saw it waning during the Trump administration, when he was constantly on television spouting nonsense. And yes, there was that weird and uncomfortable scene [1] in the second Borat movie, where Rudy reaches into his drawers to touch his junk while taking a bribe…

But he built up a lot of support over the years, so the outcome of his latest attempt to raise money to pay his legal bills is a little surprising. He needs the money because he was indicted in Georgia along with Trump over the effort to subvert the will of voters. Rudy and 17 others (besides the former President) were involved in what Fulton County DA Fani Willis called a “wide-ranging conspiracy” to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

Giuliani has already been forced to sell the New York apartment [2] he used to share with his former wife, Judith. That fetched over $6 million, but that still wasn’t enough to pay his bills.

So what to do? Well, he got his old pal and former client Donald Trump — the guy who’s the reason he’ll end up in prison in the first place — to hold a fundraiser. After all, nobody can dupe people out of their money quite like Trump can.

And what a fundraiser it was! At $100,000 a ticket, and hosted at Trump’s Bedminster, New Jersey golf resort, this shindig had all the stylings of a massive event. Together, the two raised a little over a million dollars!

Now let’s do some quick math, here. If the tickets cost $100K and they made a million dollars, that means that a whopping, uh, ten people bought tickets. Okay, I knew Rudy’s popularity was on the way down, but TEN PEOPLE?!?

Giuliani’s son Andrew seemed proud of the amount, and the fact that Trump had already committed to holding another fundraiser at his Mar-a-Lago estate later this year. But, he told ABC Radio, this still won’t be enough to pay his dad’s bills.

I guess we’ll see if the second time’s the charm.