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You’ll Never Guess Who Lauren Boebert Was With When She Was Kicked Out of Beetlejuice for Vaping and Being Obnoxious

Back in May, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert dropped a bombshell on her husband of nearly two decades, Jayson: She wanted a divorce. She released a statement at the time to the Colorado Sun, which Jayson apparently did not take well, given that he had no idea it was coming:

“It is with a heavy weight on my heart that I have filed for divorce from my husband. I am grateful for our years of marriage together and for our beautiful children, all of whom deserve privacy and love as we work through this process. I’ve always been faithful in my marriage, and I believe strongly in marriage, which makes this announcement that much more difficult.

This is truly about irreconcilable differences. I do not intend to discuss this matter any further in public out of respect for our children, and will continue to work hard to represent the people of Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District.”

We’re not actually positive that she DOES feel that strongly about marriage since she was just seen with another guy getting kicked out of a showing of Beetlejuice the musical. As they left to the musical strains of her shouting “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” to security, the couple were apparently holding hands and doing twirls.

At first, it was undisclosed who the couple was. But then Drew Sexton, Boebert’s campaign manager, responded very sarcastically that it was the notorious congresswoman “supporting the arts” that night (by vaping indoors, singing along loudly, and recording the performance).

Now we know who the guy was, too, and it’s a doozy: The Daily Mail did some investigating and found out it was bar owner Quinn Gallagher…who is a DEMOCRAT.

“Boebert, 36, and divorced father of a 16-year-old son, Gallagher, 46, have been secretly dating for several months.

According to a well-placed source, ‘It’s very surprising. I always thought Quinn was a cool guy and a Democrat. His parents would be horrified because they are definitely blue.’”

Lauren Boebert was seen with a mystery man when she was kicked out of a touring performance of the musical ‘Beetlejuice’ over the weekend in Denver

Let’s bear in mind that only one of these two is actually divorced yet, and it’s not the “family values” Republican.

Gallagher’s bar, Hooch, is already getting some pretty bad reviews just for being associated with Boebert, despite Gallagher being a noted local business owner who was recognized for his role in creating a mutual mental health support network at the outset of the pandemic.

The man is Colorado local and Aspen bar owner Quinn Gallagher, 46, who had been dating Boebert for months

And guess what! Gallagher’s bar just hosted a drag queen event!

MeidasTouch reports that Hooch, which is located in Aspen, Colorado, regularly participates in the city’s annual Gay Ski Week festivities. You can see a purported flyer for the event here for this year’s “A Winter Wonderland Burlesque and Drag Show.” As Meidas Touch further notes and illustrates, “Dances and other performances were captured by those in attendance.”

Also, Boebert regularly mocks Aspen for being a rich people’s town. Her opponent, Adam Frisch, is from Aspen and she refers to him as “Aspen Adam”, using Aspen as a pejorative.

A little over three months seems like a relatively short time for a woman to mourn the loss of her marriage, even if her soon-to-be ex did once expose himself in a bowling alley. It’s not like she hasn’t made a fool of herself heckling the President of the United States while he spoke about his dead child.

According to a well-placed source, ‘I always thought Quinn was a cool guy and a Democrat. His parents would be horrified because they are definitely blue’

But we’ll see how much her sarcastic campaign manager can spin this to try and keep her in the House.

Lauren and Jayson Boebert were married in 2005 and have four sons and one grandchild.

And here is video of her getting the boot from the theater, and then walking out with her new lover: