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Lara Trump Tells Tom Petty’s Estate to Shove it Because She’s Releasing an Acoustic Version Free Fallin’ — Like it or Not

Lara Trump and the entire Trump family continue to ignore the wishes of Tom Petty’s estate. First, she released the unauthorized cover of “I Won’t Back Down” by the late artist, and now she has an acoustic version she’s dropping.

It’s almost funny since she did so terribly on her first try. Sure, Trump fans came out and downloaded it a bunch — for a minute. But it dropped off almost immediately, since it was, well, awful.

The Petty family had long since issued a cease-and-desist letter to the Trumps after Donald Trump had been using the song at his rallies:

Lara’s last attempt suffered from terrible reviews, and this one didn’t do any better. She had teased the release of the acoustic version on the 16th, saying it would be available at midnight. She posted a video of herself playing the piano at Mar-a-Lago as a sort of trailer for the song.

It was not available at that time.

Lara Trump tried to claim that the song was an homage to Tom Petty. He had originally written the song about his own personal legal troubles and even the loss of his home to arson. He played the song at a benefit concert after 9/11, raising over $150 million.

More importantly, Petty finally dedicated the song to the “underdog” — to those who are struggling. The assumption, of course, is that Lara is attempting to use the song for the same purposes, but pretending like her family is facing some undeserved turmoil.

In reality, everything the Trumps are “going through” was brought on by themselves.

In fact, everything the Trumps stand for is pretty much contradictory to the message of the song, and the cease-and-desist letter the Petty family sent the Trumps said as much:

“Both the late Tom Petty and his family firmly stand against racism and discrimination of any kind. Tom Petty would never want a song of his used for a campaign of hate.”

That’s what the Trumps know — hate. In fact, the disrespect shown by Lara Trump by not honoring the Petty estate’s wishes borders on something very similar.

They just don’t care. And the first version Lara Trump released was God awful. Now she wants to release an acoustic one…so people will get an opportunity to hear more of this:

And this: