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Sarah Huckabee Sanders Blew a TON of Taxpayer Money on a College Football Party (That Was NOT Open to the Public)

I really hate calling her that.

You know how, when you listen to some popular band, you sometimes think to yourself that you can tell who that band was influenced by? Like, tell me Radiohead didn’t grow up on the Beatles.

It’s the same with politicians. Some can take the good lessons laid out for them by their predecessors and continue to lead by example. Others learn the bad habits of their bosses and carry on the tradition of wasting time and stealing money.

Thus it is with Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the daughter of a former governor, and the mouthpiece of a tyrannical president.

Now Sarah’s governor of Arkansas, and she learned how to lie from her dad and how to cheat and grift from Donald Trump. First she changed privacy laws to protect her ability to do whatever she wanted in office, then she started doing it.

Sure, she started small — buying a special podium for when she goes on adventures.

Now she’s having private parties at taxpayer expense. And not just parties. Football parties. For a terrible team.

I get having pride in the team from your state — heck, the team from the school my daughter went to is undefeated right now. But the party that Sanders threw for the Arkansas Razorbacks, which she called the “Undefeated Party,” cost taxpayers more than $13,000. And boy, do they stink this year. They’re second-last in their conference, after only the school named for a robber baron in Tennessee.

It’s the taxpayer money, of course. That’s why I’m writing this. It’s just ironic that Sarah spent $1,400 on tablecloths, $500 on balloons, and $210 for some big inflatable footballs, when the team is so god-awful.

Some of the other amenities from that night:

  • $800 on plates and pom-poms
  • $600 for a DJ
  • $434.91 for some giant, light-up letters spelling out “GO HOGS”

But like Trump, she likes to spend money on food most of all. And while she has a little better taste than the fast food that Trump treated his guests to, she still spent $4,500 on food alone for the invite-only event.

At least she didn’t spend it all on golf at her own resorts so she could keep the money.

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