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Trump Must Be Terrified About Something Because He’s Having a Breakdown on Truth Social

If this doesn’t convince people that Donald Trump should not serve another term as president, then I don’t know what will.

As the trial surrounding Trump’s business empire continues, the state attorney general suing him for fraud and the trial judge presiding over the case have been flooded with threatening messages ever since the case unfolded last year, The Independent reports.

Trump, who for reasons I fail to understand, is the leading candidate for the 2024 Republican nomination for president, has now called for their arrest.

The former president took to Truth Social, right before the trial resumed in Lower Manhattan and shared a post from one supporter who said their “fantasy” is watching as New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron are “placed under citizens arrest” for “blatant election interference and harassment.”

This is calling for regular citizens to “arrest” Judge Engoron and Tish James. I’m sure that would go over well.

Trump shared the post amid his usual screechy posts against James and the judge, who issued a gag order prohibiting any parties involved in the case from making derogatory remarks about any members of the court staff. Of course, as always, Trump has acted as if this doesn’t apply to him and has violated the gag order twice. Judge Engoron has expanded the order to include his attorneys after they made defamatory comments about his chief clerk.

Trump wrote, “I am the victim of a corrupt legal system that is being used by those surrounding Crooked Joe Biden, with his full knowledge & consent, to hurt, demean, and damage his Political Opponent, ME. A terrible precedent is being set, but so far, despite the vulgarity & viciousness of it all, it has driven my poll numbers to record numbers. You see, the American people are MUCH smarter than Crooked Joe! They see what is going on with a Corrupt & Racist New York State A.G., and a Trump Hating Puppet Judge willing to do her dirty work, even as it takes him, and his reputation, to new levels of low. They fully understand the Obama appointed, Radical Left D.C. Federal Judge, who refused to recuse, fully “gagged” me, and set a trial date THE DAY BEFORE “Super Tuesday,” the biggest & most powerful day in the Primaries. They get the fact that A.G. Garland and his boss, Lisa Monaco, sent their TOP DOJ lawyer to Manhattan to run the District Attorney’s “case” on me…And Much More. BUT WE WILL WIN!!!”

Engoron has repeatedly said he’s vehemently protective toward his staff, especially due to “the threat of and actual violence resulting from heated political rhetoric,” he wrote in one court filing earlier this month.

“Since the commencement of this bench trial, my chambers have been inundated with hundreds of harassing and threatening phone calls, voicemails, emails, letters, and packages,” he wrote. “The First Amendment right of defendants and their attorneys to comment on my staff is far and away outweighed by the need to protect them from threats and physical harm.”

Engoron has made plain, that comments against him are allowed. The gag order doesn’t prevent Trump from attacking him, even in the courtroom.

I’m sure that as a civil court judge in Manhattan, Engoron has seen just about everything. So he knows how to handle chaotic situations, and when Trump launched into a rant against him, James, and the case itself, he told Trump “You can attack me, you can do whatever you want, just answer the question.”

Trump’s latest comments have been downright authoritarian-sounding as he travels the campaign trail, targeting his political foes and perceived enemies. During a Veterans’ Day speech on Saturday, he vowed to “root out” the “vermin within the confines of our country,” a term that has been used by Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

“The threat from outside forces is far less sinister, dangerous, and grave than the threat from within,” Trump told the crowd. “Our threat is from within.”

Later on, a spokesman for Trump said his critics’ “entire existence will be crushed.”

When you consider how Trump whipped his supporters into a deadly frenzy on January 6, 2021, this is scary.

Trump’s vitriolic statements have led prosecutors to ask for gag orders and protection for juries as a response, especially since his supporters have doxxed people, and threatened and harassed prosecutors, their staff, and families.

In Georgia, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis expressed fears that her case could become compromised and that the defendant’s right to a fair trial might be “endangered” if “the identities of the jurors become known to the public.” Members of the grand jury who voted to indict Trump were the victims of a flood of online threats.

Trump faces another potential gag order in the federal election interference case. This would prohibit him from making statements about witnesses or criticizing prosecutors. The gag order has been temporarily paused by a three-judge panel at a federal appeals court. However, later this month the court will hear arguments to consider a permanent removal of the order.

Here’s the worrisome part: Roughly 4.4 percent of the nation’s adult population (meaning virtually millions) believe violence is justified to keep Trump in the White House. This is according to a July report from the University of Chicago’s Project on Security & Threats research center. Following the ex-president’s first federal indictment, violence skyrocketed, the report found.

Another survey of Americans, conducted after 2022’s midterm elections found that a considerable percentage believed that political violence — including “violence, threats, intimidation or harassment” — is acceptable in certain scenarios, with roughly 20 percent of respondents saying this type of violence was at least a “little” acceptable if their preferred candidate lost an election.

As long as Trump continues to campaign, we can expect violence to escalate. I hate to even think what will happen if he becomes president.

Just look at the craziness on his Truth Social feed…this is terrifying:

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