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Trump PAC Goes Way Too Far Mocking DeSantis Over Heel Lifts Again, This Time With a Touch of Racism

They just can't help themselves.

Perhaps you remember the Trump camp spreading rumors that Florida governor and candidate for the 2024 Republican primary Ron DeSantis wears heel lifts in his boots.

It’s a cheap shot, especially considering people have thought that about Trump for years, since he lies about his weight and height anyway.

But they’ve been having great fun doing so, even to the point of looking like idiots doing it. It was just silly at first, with even Trump’s son Don Jr. being chastised by MAGA fans that they must have something better to say about DeSantis than that.

Now Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc., says that the Trump campaign has a gift for DeSantis. She presented the presidential hopeful with a pair of boots with the Puerto Rican flag on the side (and lifts, we can only imagine).

“America knows Ron DeSantis loves boots (with lifts inside of them) and Puerto Rican statehood, so we couldn’t think of a battery early Christmas gift to the governor than a pair of Puerto Rican boots.

We are willing to give the boots as a ‘loan’ so that the governor can get around Florida gift laws and accept the boots like he accepted a golf simulator from a wealthy donor.”

And actual campaign spokesman Steven Cheung said “The embarrassing #BootGate story has longer legs than Ron DeSanctimonious. No matter how hard Ron tries to click his heels three times, the misery still won’t go away as he continues to plummet in the polls and has become the butt of every single joke in the national media.”

MAGA Inc bought the boots in good time for Christmas and sent them to the Florida governor’s mansion

I don’t know about all that, honestly. I don’t actually hear much about Ron DeSantis in the media, because everything seems to be all Trump, all the time.

DeSantis himself has been far more forthcoming about his height than Mr. Trump has. He openly states he’s five-foot-eleven, and that he just buys plain old boots off the rack, no lifts required.

The handcrafted Puerto Rico flag boots are currently discounted to $99.75 on Grizz Shopping

Compare that to Trump, who has variously stated his height at six-three and six-two. And let’s not get started on what he claims he weighs.

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