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Trump Wants Everyone to Know That He Has the SEXIEST Lawyer of All Time

Just in case there was any doubt left in your mind that Donald Trump follows the Fox News model of “talent be damned, make sure she’s pretty,” along comes another post on Truth Social from the former President.

Team Trump lawyer Alina Habba has been in the news plenty lately, and it looks like Trump wants to keep her there. He certainly doesn’t mind people knowing how nice-looking she is.

Trump shared a Barstool Sports article that praises Habba in a variety of ways, most of them centering on her attractiveness. Barstool has long been known as a “manly man’s” media outlet, and they didn’t change that perception one bit with this piece. Although the author, Jerry Thornton, claims he would hire her anytime to fight his legal battles, he doesn’t give much reason for that. Here’s the link [1] to the article but let’s not give Barstool the click if you can.

Except for all the sexy pictures.

Pictures of Habba opening champagne, shooting a gun, drinking with friends, dancing, and even doing a showgirl pose pepper the article. Thornton, without explaining why, writes “The message you project by hiring Alina Habba as your counsel is, ‘I make wise decisions.’ I will accept nothing less than the very best.”

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The best at what, Jerry?

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It’s long been known that Trump values appearance over anything else in a woman, regardless of her position or his relationship with or to her. He once told a reporter she wouldn’t have her job if she were any less attractive, and when he was accused of rape by E. Jean Carroll, he insisted that if he were going to rape someone, they’d be prettier than her.

That’s about the level of mentality at Barstool anyway, but it’s particularly galling to see an article that’s bulleted with insistence that it is unbiased — they don’t necessarily support Trump, dammit! — because that means it’s an article rooted in pure misogyny.

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This really is an article that says “Who knows how she is as a lawyer, but check out her body!” Trump knows that, and he posted it anyway, not leastwise in order to appeal to his voters who feel the same way.

Absolutely disgusting.