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Watch Don Jr’s Sick Expression in Court vs. a Grinning and Rather Pleased Letitia James

This is absolutely hilarious.

It’s rare to see a camera inside a federal courtroom, but honestly, that’s just during proceedings. I truly do wish we could see even more live-action shots, even if they’re during court breaks. But we’ll take what we can get, I suppose.

And what we got from Monday’s second testimonial appearance of Donald Trump, Junior was spectacular.

Obviously round one put a fear in him that he perhaps had not felt before, because the face we saw as he sat at the defense table was one of sheer fright. Then the camera pans across the room, and we get to see Attorney General Letitia James’ face, and it is the complete opposite of Junior’s.

Ear to ear smile.

In fact, James’ smile went viral on Twitter (now X) for a while, it was so contagious. “Her face says everything: she knows what they did and knows they’re not getting out of this,” said one user. “He looks terrified and Letitia looks terrific,” wrote another.

But it’s the contrast, for me, and not just the contrast between the defendant and the prosecutor. Rather, it’s the contrast between what Junior normally projects versus the look on his face when he’s about to start again with his testimony.

On a standard day, Junior can be found looking arrogant and seemingly laughing at some internal joke. He truly is his father’s son, in that he honestly does think he’s better than everyone, and he wears it on his face.

But there’s no way for him to project that kind of confidence during a trial in which the judge has already released a partial summary judgment holding him liable for fraud. He was so proud of his work with the Trump Organization, largely because he got away with so much.

Now that he’s not getting away with anything anymore, he has a lot less to smile about.

Letitia James, however, has plenty to brighten her mood. You’d never guess for even half a second in this video that she’s 65 years old. That smile takes 20 years off her face.

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