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Bob Woodward Says Trump Is in the Middle of a ‘Nervous Breakdown’ and Has Had Them Before

As one half of the duo, along with Carl Bernstein, that brought you the Watergate scandal in the early 70s, Bob Woodward is still bringing the news. Woodward is not to be confused with my ceramic yellow finch, Bob Woodbird, who is one half of the duo, along with Carl Birdstein, of ceramic finches that sit by my laptop while I write.

Yes, I am accompanied by small inanimate birds at this job. But I don’t think that makes me any more weird than, say, a guy who stares at the sun during an eclipse. It certainly doesn’t make me as strange as a dude who gives a speech to thousands of Boy Scouts and veers off into cocktail parties and sex on boats with rich people.

So what is it that makes Trump such an odd guy? Personally, I think it’s a lack of kiln-fired nonhuman companions. But if it’s not that, then maybe Bob Woodward’s idea fits better. He thinks Trump — now and throughout his presidency, even — has been having a series of nervous breakdowns.

That certainly would explain him tossing paper towels to hurricane victims like a drunk Blake Bortles.

Appearing on Morning Joe, Woodward was ready to opine on the former President.

“First of all, Trump. I’ve spent seven years on Trump and I have been thinking about the work and what I discovered, and I realized in his time as president, is a series of nervous breakdowns. And to call it a breakdown doesn’t do it full justice. It’s also clear that his campaign now is also another nervous breakdown, and you can’t do it any other way.”

Woodward wasn’t even on the show to talk about Trump. That’s how bad it’s gotten. He was there to discuss Joe Biden’s successes and failures, and he immediately turned to the giant orange elephant in the room.

And really, you can see exactly what Woodward is talking about when you watch how fiercely Trump has battled against ever being seen as having been wrong about anything in the world. Why else would he take a Sharpie to a storm map and insist he knew the real path of it?

I mean, person, woman, man, camera, TV, right?

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