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‘You Killed Two People!’ Kyle Rittenhouse Sits for What He Thought Would Be an Easy Interview With Piers Morgan and it Backfired Big Time

Oh Kyle, will you never learn? Kyle Rittenhouse has been in the news a lot recently, as he is selling a book and doing the normal rounds on TV trying to get it sold. He’s only going to safe spaces, conservatives hosts and publications. And when he agreed to an interview with British commentator Piers Morgan, he probably thought it would be a piece of cake. But surprise, surprise, it wasn’t. Morgan called Rittenhouse out on his Uncensored Show about the severity of what he has done.

In August 2020, Rittenhouse crossed state lines from Illinois to Wisconsin with an AR-15 style rifle in order to defend stores from looting during protests against the Kenosha Police for the shooting of Jacob Blake. Rittenhouse ultimately ended up in a confrontation that led to him shooting three people, killing two of them. A jury acquitted him of all charges in the matter, finding that he acted in lawful self-defense and propelling him to stardom on the MAGA far right. He was even acquitted of the gun charge, which almost everyone thought was a slam dunk.

So Piers Morgan called him out on it, and wanted to hear from Kyle what it feels like to be a killer.

“You killed two people and wounded a third,” said Morgan. “How do you feel about that?”

“Well, Piers, they attacked me,” said Rittenhouse. “They left me with no choice. I have nightmares every night of being attacked and being ambushed and them trying to steal my gun and pointing guns in my face. It’s not an easy thing to do. But I did what I had to do to stay alive and if I didn’t, I would be dead.”

“Yeah, listen,” said Morgan. “You were acquitted, and many in America believe that you had the absolute right to defend yourself. I’m just curious on a human level, you know, you’re very young even now. What are you, 20 years old now? And you’ve killed two human beings and wounded a third, I just wonder how that feels?”

“I don’t think that’s an appropriate question to ask how it feels,” said Rittenhouse. “It’s not an easy thing to do, it’s something I live with every single day, it’s nightmares I have. It’s something I have to deal with, I have to deal with the PTSD and the trauma from having to do that.”

“Right,” said Morgan. “But it seems to me your emotions are more about you, and your trauma because your life was being threatened and that side of it, rather than the question I’m asking, which is simply, on a human level, how do you feel about being so young, and yet having on the record, for the rest of your life now, that you took the lives of two people, regardless of the circumstances?”

“And like I just said, it’s something that I deal with every day,” said Rittenhouse. “I deal with the PTSD and the trauma and the nightmares. It’s not easy to deal with it.”

Rittenhouse appeared yesterday on right-wing TV with his “therapy dog” for his PTSD, which we are just learning about now. Maybe people questioned his diagnosis, and wondered whether he was simply bringing the dog to make people feel bad for him, which we wouldn’t put past him.


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