Poor Kyle Rittenhouse Suffers Nightmares and PTSD ‘Every Day’ After Killing Protesters and He Wants People to Feel Bad for HIM

I'd feel for you, Kyle, but I can't reach you.

Okay, this is the stupidest thing ever. That’s a strange way to start an article, but I just want to get everyone on my side before we begin here.

According to the laws of this land, if I pull a gun on you, and you reach for the gun I just pulled on you, I am legally entitled to shoot you dead for fear of what you might do with the gun I just pulled on you that you somehow got away from me.

That’s ridiculous, but it’s also the reason you keep seeing the name Kyle Rittenhouse. Why won’t he just go away? Because even though you and I know that he went to Kenosha, Wisconsin to kill some black people, the law says that he was entitled to, according to the specific circumstances of the situation.

And for the record, it is very hard for us to not call Kyle a murderer. We disagree with the verdict, and feel Kyle hit the legal lottery when he ended up with that MAGA judge who let him get away with murder. He even let him get away with the gun charge which seemed like a slam dunk. But Kyle had a jury of his peers determine his fate, and a judge that allowed a great deal of important information to be excluded. So Kyle was acquitted of murder. Therefore, he is not a murderer. But being acquitted doesn’t make him innocent, he is still a killer. But legally, and journalistically, we cannot call him a murderer, even though we want to.

Now poor, pitiful Kyle has come forward with the saddest story I’ve ever heard (cue the violins).

Appearing on Piers Morgan’s show — a place generally friendly to right-wingers and racists — Kyle sat down to discuss the aftermath of the Kenosha protests.

Morgan asked the young killer how he felt about what he’d done, and Kyle was forthcoming, for the most part:

“I have nightmares every night of being attacked and being ambushed and them trying to steal my gun and pointing guns in my face. It’s not an easy thing to do. But I did what I had to do to stay alive and if I didn’t, I would be dead,” Rittenhouse said.

Morgan pushed further, asking him “I’m just curious on a human level, you know, you’re very young even now. You’ve killed two human beings and wounded a third, I just wonder how that feels?”

Offended by the statement, Rittenhouse shot back that he felt it was inappropriate.

“It’s not an easy thing to do, it’s something I live with every single day, it’s nightmares I have. It’s something I have to deal with, I have to deal with the PTSD and the trauma from having to do that.”

Weird, because does this look like a scared kid to you? In fact it looks like he’s saying “let’s go!” and riling up other protesters.

How about here, I don’t see some cowering child afraid of his life. I see someone who looks like he’s on a hunt:

Rittenhouse is, of course, being sued in civil proceedings for damages against the people he killed. And he just released a book, hoping to raise some money so he doesn’t have to work for a living, and to pay for his legal bills. Luckily, his book isn’t selling, so it looks like Kyle will be working for the man for quite some time.

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