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Marjorie Taylor Greene Brought Her Daughter to Mar-a-Lago and Social Media Has a Field Day

Who knew she had a daughter?

Well, the Trump cult has done it again. Now, that sentence could be followed by virtually anything, because everyone in the Trump Universe (think Marvel Universe, but all villains) is certifiably insane.

But no, this time it was an event put on by the Trumpettes, an all-girl fan group for Donald Trump. The amount of silicone contained in their stretched-back faces couldn’t be estimated with a descriptive geometry textbook and a graphing calculator. They really want Trump to be president again.

So they put on a gala at Mar-a-Lago. They promised “Mega MAGA,” for whatever that’s worth.

I guess they weren’t wrong, either. They had washed-up actors doing Sinatra karaoke with Trump-themed lyrics. They had immigration crazies there to talk about the MS-13 gang members hiding in your bathroom right now.

Even Trump showed up to give a little speech after another rally in South Carolina to talk about how old Joe Biden is and how much he hates Mexicans.

You had your also-rans, like Vivek Ramaswamy. More washed-up actors like Kevin Sorbo and Lee Majors. Convicted felon Mike Flynn. Ted Cruz, who showed up looking like he just got out of the club (and sporting a major wardrobe malfunction.

In fact, the highlight of the night had to be the pictures that came out of that circus atmosphere.

One in particular of Marjorie Taylor Greene posing with her daughter Lauren had heads shaking. First off, Lauren doesn’t look even remotely inbred enough to be related to Marge. And she doesn’t look angry enough. Marjorie looks so angry all the time that it’s hard to take her seriously as a congresswoman.

She looks more like a woman in a TGI Friday’s 15 minutes before closing, demanding to speak to the manager.

But bringing your attractive young daughter in a really tight dress with a slit up the side to her third rib to a venue with Donald Trump in it is just asking for trouble. Never mind if Matt Gaetz happened to be there.

Just the act of bringing Lauren to the home of a man who has bragged about assaulting women is enough to let you know Marge will do anything to get at that VP spot.

She’s not going to get it, of course. But she sure doesn’t mind looking like a pimp in her effort to do so.

And unfortunately, it’s not just a complete lack of self-awareness that Marjorie happens to be passing on to her young daughter. She also stood in that room and promised that the “Communist Democrats” were coming for your hard-earned money. She reiterated her efforts to impeach the Cuban-American director of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, over immigration policies. She’s still angry that the first vote failed because she’s bad at math and also was counting on one Democrat to be too sick to come vote.

These are the values of MTG, and now she’s pouring them into a skin-tight dress and calling them Lauren.

And of course social media had to pipe in:

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