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Melania Trump Is Furious That Other Grifters Are Trying to Make Money Off Her Dumb NFTs

The official X account for the “Office of Melania Trump” (not that we’re sure what she needs an office for right now) has a desperate plea. If you’re going to set fire to your endless piles of money by buying blockchain currency, please make sure that the novelty Melania Trump-branded stuff is legit.

This is, of course, reminiscent of when Don Junior pleaded with gullible Americans to only buy their garbage Trump Mugshot souvenirs from the family’s official website. Just in case, you know, some other grifter were to accidentally get their money-grubbing hands on your hard-earned dollars.

They need that money for… Um, reasons. Maybe legal reasons. Maybe 83.3 million legal reasons, most recently, and a heck of a lot more legal reasons after Trump is sentenced in New York, say 370 million of them, maybe. Of course, because “Everything Trump Touches Dies [2]“, the NFTs are pretty much worthless [3]. But Melania still sells them for a lot, and the buyers are stuck with a worthless digital picture. What a grift.

Most importantly, remember to commit the web addresses where you can buy worthless Melania cryptocurrency to memory.

Now, some of this desperation could be that Trump’s “Save America” PAC has spent $27 million on his legal fees. Perhaps closer to home, it’s because that same PAC has paid Melania’s stylist more than $300K in just the last 18 months.

One way or the other, though, the Trumps want — no, they desperately NEED — your money. Save America has less than $4 million left in the bank, according to their latest filings.

My favorite part of all of this is that as Trump fights the charges in New York, his defense depends on him proving that he has the money he said he had during the time he’s accused of inflating his worth.

But if he does that, E. Jean Carroll gets paid immediately. In fact, if he can’t prove he has the money to pay what he was ordered to pay her in the civil suit she brought against him, he can’t even file an appeal.

Let’s hope Melania sells enough CrapCoins with her “likeness” on them to at least get them a Happy Meal before he heads to prison.