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Trump Sends Disgusting Fundraising Email, Claiming to His Supporters That ‘OBAMA HATES YOU’

What do you say about giving up the race between Donald Trump and “Barack Hussein Obama” in 2024? How about we simply give it to the old boy and say that there’s no way that Obama can beat Trump and that Donald should get all the spoils of victory?

Why do we ask?

Because Donald Trump’s latest fundraising email states that “WE CAN’T LOSE TO OBAMA”. And the subject line was “Friend, Obama hates you!”

Alright, yes – yes, Trump’s email states that tomorrow night, the Democrats are having their first fundraising dinner with Obama, Clinton, and “Crooked Joe Biden” – so it’s not exactly as though Trump thinks he’s facing Obama, but it sure looks like he wants his supporters thinking that Obama is at least in control of the campaign.

The most outrageous thing Trump writes:

But, Friend, I’m going to be honest with you: I have nothing but contempt for the liberal “elite” who hate our country and cheer for its destruction.

Who is “our” – – The MAGAs often presume that they own this country and no elite wants any destruction or hate the country. Liberals have different ideas as to how to lift the country up.

Then, the kill shot, poaching for money:

Democrats think tomorrow will be their BIGGEST VICTORY of the campaign, but with your support right now, I KNOW WE WILL BEAT THEM! Before the end of the day, I’m humbly asking every Patriot reading this message to chip in our average donation of $32 or WHATEVER THEY CAN to help us DEFEAT the Biden-Obama-Clinton cartel.

“Cartel?” And interesting choice in the order of opponents. You know Trump would prefer $320 over $32 but, umm, so would I. So we’ll give him a pass on that.

What’s interesting is the need to put Obama up top? Is it that Trump knows that Biden is likable, even to his supporters, whereas Obama is still Obama? It could be, but eventually, Trump isn’t running against Obama but Biden.

He should be scared.