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MAGAs Say Michelle Obama Is a ‘Man’ Because of Her Toned Arms — How Do They Explain This Photo of Lara Trump?

Ugh. UGH. I really hate that I am having to write about this. It makes me feel so dirty…like I am doing the same thing that the MAGAs do. But at this point, I don’t care. On Sunday, EASTER Sunday, the day that supposed good Christian MAGAs care so much about, Donald Trump Jr. posted a disgusting meme accusing Michelle Obama of being a man. So, we are going to fight back and get into the mud with them, and point out that Lara Trump looks pretty manly in a recent photo.

I don’t know when this stupid rumor/slander started. People on the far right have said that Michelle Obama is a man [1], and never gave birth to the couple’s daughters. I don’t know how they explain the fact that Sasha is basically Michelle’s twin, but logic isn’t exactly the strong suit of the right or MAGAs. Alex Jones was also one of the first to spread the rumor [2]. Now, Alex Jones doing it was one thing. No one takes him seriously, except for the most disgusting people on the far right.

But recently the rumor/slander has made it to the popular right, and that includes the son of the former president* of the United States. Donald Trump Jr. has repeatedly made the claim that Michelle Obama is a man, or is transgender. And on Sunday, Don Jr. shared a meme on Instagram accusing the former First Lady of bring transgender.

Don Jr.’s meme said “Waking up on Transgender Day of Visibility” and shows a man putting on his glasses. People on the right, like Don Jr., have been freaking out about Transgender Day of Visibility, and the fact that it coincided with Easter. What these dummies don’t seem to understand is that the Transgender Day of Visibility has always been on March 31st. Easter falls on different dates, as it is a floating holiday.Easter is a “movable feast,” so it doesnโ€™t happen on the same date from year to year. In the Gregorian calendar, it is always observed on a Sunday between March 22nd and April 25th. Don Jr., and everyone on the right, knows this. Remember, they are all good Christians!

Yet Don Jr. posted this meme anyway. It’s disgusting. It’s childish, and immature. Everyone knows this. And I will never, ever understand where our country went wrong…and why this isn’t news. The son of the former POTUS*, and potentially the next POTUS*, posted a transphobic meme of a beloved former First Lady, and no major news organizations are even covering it. Seriously, do a search…NO ONE IS COVERING IT.

Now, take a look at this and tell me that this is ok. Imagine if Hunter Biden posted something similar, such as a photo of Melania Trump in the nude, or an accusation that she was a prostitute (something many people believe). The right, Fox News, and all those crazy right-wing news channels like Newsmax would cover it for a week straight, if not longer.

Truly, how sick is that? And again, Don Jr. has done this before. On Super Bowl Sunday he shared a picture of former Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Levon Kirkland with text that read: โ€œI found this rare Michelle Obama rookie card.โ€

It’s truly sick. Now, something interesting is happening on X/Twitter. A photo of Lara Trump, Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law, appeared on Twitter, and it showed her in a red tank dress and her arms are rather…toned. Eric Trump’s wife, and the new co-chair of the RNC, is known to be a gym rat, and this photo shows her bulging arms and they are far more “toned” than Michelle Obama’s arms have ever been. A user on Twitter brought up an interesting point. User Carlos Turnbull said, “The deplorable MAGA crowd has been claiming, for years, that Michelle Obama is a transgender man because she has toned arms. Following the same logic; would that make Lara Trump a steroid infused, male gorilla that suffers from a bad case of alopecia?”

Ouch, I didn’t want to go there, but Carlos Turnbull is correct here? Again. I HATE that I am writing a story about this. It’s disgusting. But I no longer believe in Michelle Obama’s famous words, “When they go low, we go high”. It doesn’t work with these animals. Being good, being honest, having class…it doesn’t work with the MAGA crowd. They will be as cruel as they can, and not feel one ounce of shame about it. So f*ck it, I’m going there. Look at this photo of Lara Trump…is she a man?

Those are some guns! Lara Trump is standing next to Kimberly Guilfoyle and Alina Habba, and Lara makes those two women look quite feminine and diminutive in comparison. Man, those arms are something else. Does that turn Eric Trump on, having a wife whose arms are bigger than his? Is she the “man” in this relationship? Looks like it!

And before anyone comes at me saying it’s photoshopped…it’s not. Kimberly Guilfoyle posted it, LOL.

And people on X/Twitter weren’t very kind: