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Trump Just Revealed That He Has Some Nasty Secrets That Could ‘End His Political Career’

Has there ever been anyone who lives by the “post” – whether Twitter or now Truth Social – more than Donald Trump?

And – no, you cannot use Musk, Justin Bieber, or Rihanna because they would be huge anyway, even if social media were never invented. The Beatles seemed to do fine.

But Trump… just – wow, that man is nothing more than a crappy reality television star without social media. Put it this way: he seems to agree.

Patriot Takes – the invaluable Twitter feed that posts stuff from, well – everywhere else, which happens to be all the right-wing sites, posted a video of Donald Trump speaking to a group, presumably at Mar-a-Lago. During his diatribe, Trump bragged that Dan Scavino – his former caddy and then Trump’s social media manager and “Senior Advisor to the President” – has the phone number to post stuff on anything on Truth Social in Trump’s name.

Don’t squeal, because – yes – that would be just delicious, and our editor is working on getting her permission as we speak. She can charm anyone out of anything. Look at me.

But Trump said something funny – not funny – while congratulating Scavino with such lofty responsibilities. Trump noted that one wrong post and his political career is over.


Except Trump got it all wrong. Trump says that one “sexual” post would end it. As Patriot Take notes. (Report Continues below tweet, boy does it ever:)

Trump bizarrely suggests his social media director, Dan Scavino, who has access to Trump’s Truth Social account, could end Trump’s political career by posting how he “doesn’t like” his voters or posting “something horrible” and “very sexually oriented.”

What. A. F’ing. Moron.

There is nothing sexual on earth that could end Trump’s political career. He would probably go up in his polls. Additionally, Trump could post all day about not liking his voters – he doesn’t – and they don’t seem to mind at all.

BUT there is one post that would end it all in ONE post. READY? 

Having given the matter great thought, and seeing the results that President Joe Biden has achieved, it would be ludicrous for anyone to vote for a four-time indicted person like me for president – and they haven’t even charged me with the sexual stuff! If you don’t vote for Joe Biden, you’re dumber than a ham. I’m ridin’ with Biden!

Nobody – and I mean nobody – cares about what Trump is doing with The Real Housewives of Palm Beach. But he must hate liberals!

The stakes are high. We are concerned that if Trump wins, he will give the entire West Coast, including Arizona, Nevada, and Colorado, to Russia – since he’ll lose those states anyway.

Hey, Scavino! Do the wonderful Americans in New York, Illinois, Washington, Oregon, and California dreamin’... a break, and don’t force them to learn Russian! Just do it. You have the power. Use it. Or my editor will.

She is quite charming. Much more so than you – and her post will sound oh-so reasonable.


Jason Miciak is Editor at Large at Occupy Democrats and Features Editor for Political Flare, and can be reached at [email protected] or @JasonMiciak on “X”

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