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Trump’s Mind Has Become Increasingly ‘Erratic’ and ‘Chaotic’ and it’s Very Dangerous: Former Prosecutor

Psychiatrists and others in the mental health field have long weighed in on Donald Trump’s declining mental state but now there’s a new voice, who notes that the ex-president has an increasingly “erratic mind” especially when his recent posts on Truth Social are taken into account. Former prosecutor Dennis Aftergut may not be a mental health professional, but he knows what he knows.

Since President Joe Biden and Trump are expected to become their party’s presumptive nominees, the former president is doing what he always does, posting all sorts of nonsense on Truth Social, much of it taking on a threatening tone as he attacks his political opponents, Newsweek reports.

As we all know, Trump is up to his eyeballs in legal problems at the state and federal level, but he’s also taken to Truth Social to voice another of his favorite claims: that he’s pure as the driven snow, that he’s innocent and to of course, oppose the allegations made against him. Judge Juan Merchan recently imposed a gag order against Trump after he made several public comments about Merchan and his daughter, Loren Merchan. Trump vented his spleen over Loren Merchan’s involvement in Democratic political circles and called for the judge to be recused from the case.

This, of course, is the case where Trump is accused of falsifying business records over hush money payments made to former adult film star Stormy Daniels to keep their alleged affair under wraps before the 2016 election.

On Monday, Aftergut, a former federal prosecutor, published an op-ed piece, “How Violence and Intimidation Are Key to Understanding Trump,” in The Bulwark, a news site on Substack that, per Newsweek “provides analysis and reporting.”

In his opinion piece, Aftergut discusses Trump’s constant social media posts and notes the ex-president’s mind has become “increasingly erratic.”

“You can see Trump’s increasingly erratic mind in his calls for violence and acts of intimidation. Such calls led New York State Justice Juan Merchan to impose a limited gag order on Trump last week to protect jurors and prosecutors in Trump’s upcoming criminal trial in Manhattan. Trump’s mind seems ever more chaotic. You can see it in his hours-long ranting and rambling campaign speeches.”

Aftergut elaborates that Trump’s posts are often aimed at “amping up his base” during the 2024 election. He adds, however, that general elections are all about appealing to voters in the middle.

“Violence-inciting social media posts are almost certain to do the opposite. Yet Trump can’t help himself. There’s madness to his method, politically and psychologically.And his madness is a call to all of us for method. We need to be methodical in responding to him if we wish to preserve our safety and our freedom from Trump and his thugs,” Aftergut added.

Aftergut’s op-ed follows comments made by retired judge LaDoris Cordell, who worked at the California Superior Court. She remarked that the former president risks imprisonment over his behavior online.

Talking to CNN earlier Monday, Cordell said Trump is “tiptoeing very close” to violating the gag order and that many people think there are “double standards” considering how he is being treated by the courts.

“When he steps across that gag order line—and I do hope it will be expanded—there should be only one response: bring your toothbrush Donald Trump because you’re going to sit in a jail cell for a while,” Cordell said. “There has to be an immediate consequence when he defies a court order. That is a normal response. You cannot have a court system that is subjected to these kinds of threats and intimidation. Nowhere else has this ever happened and gone without any consequences and that has to change and it has to change now.”

Cordell is correct when she says double standards are involved here, but unfortunately, it’s a pipe dream to expect true justice here. It hasn’t happened so far, and I don’t think it’s going to. Trump has been handled with kid gloves and I really don’t believe that’s going to change. The books should be thrown at him. It’s what he deserves.

Doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, however.

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