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‘He’s Out Like a Light’: Trump Fully Passed Out in Court AGAIN, This Time ‘Slumped in His Chair’

How can he ever say "Sleepy Joe" again after this debacle of a trial?

CNN reporter Abby Phillip was present during Monday’s proceedings in Trump’s New York criminal trial, and said that that the former president was “slumped in his chair and with eyes closed.”

During the testimony of his former “fixer” Michael Cohen, Phillip reports, “He looked stoney faced- looked ahead, also had eyes closed and leaned back in his chair.” She also said that the two avoided eye contact during the entirety of the proceedings.

Trump himself has attempted to cast Cohen as a “felon” who has no credibility. But Cohen’s crime that he was convicted of was the very thing that Trump stands accused of today. He spent time in prison for being Trump’s conduit through which he paid off an adult film star and a Playboy centerfold to hide his affairs with them.

Both affairs, incidentally, occurred while his wife Melania was pregnant with their son, Barron, who just became a Florida delegate for his father.

But there’s always someone who knows where the bones are buried.

In this case, it’s Cohen, and despite the fact that Trump KNOWS Michael knows all his skeletons in the closet, he’s still being obstinate. I mean, there was never any doubt that he was going to plead not guilty to all counts. But to fall asleep while the guy who is going to be the reason you’re convicted is testifying is absolutely crazy to me.

It seems Trump falls asleep in court at least once a week, per reporters inside the courtroom ( Image: POOL/AFP via Getty Images)

According to pretty common reporting — meaning multiple sources — Trump has fallen asleep at least once a week during the trial, which has been going on for five weeks now.

It’s surprising for a man who takes such an active role in the endless litigation against him. Could it be a sign of his age? His level of disinterest in what’s happening?

Possibly dementia?

Whatever the case is, he certainly has no room to further criticize President Biden for ever appearing to not be paying attention. It’s actually a wonder that the media reports on Trump’s falling asleep, since they are so friendly to him.

I think maybe it’s because they want to keep writing stories about him.

Trump was mad that he didn’t get to dismiss jurors on a whim due to NY laws. Maybe he was just cranky because he needed a nap.

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