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Kyle Rittenhouse Tried to Play Tough Guy on X/Twitter and It Didn’t Work Out Very Well for Him

This kid is a hot mess.

Kyle Rittenhouse is that kid your mom warned you about. Of course, he’s the one who went to a city across state lines to “protect private property” that didn’t belong to him from the scary protesters in Wisconsin after the shooting of Jacob Blake.

You already knew that.

And you know from our previous reporting that he’s been on a self-promotion tour all about what a terrific American he is, despite his own appearances at colleges and universities causing more protests.

But did you know he spends his time seeking out tweets that are months old in order to make racist comments?

On Sunday, he found one posted by an indigenous man who had tweeted a picture of himself and someone else flipping off Mount Rushmore, with the caption “F*ck the USA… IT’S ALL STOLEN LAND.”

That’s an objectively true statement. Not that I don’t love my country. Not that I didn’t sing the nation anthem in 4-part harmony for the state-level AAAA baseball tournament that my high school hosted.

But it IS stolen land. It’s long past time we stopped celebrating Columbus Day — You know, the one in honor of the guy who introduced smallpox to a population of people who lived here before he arrived, so he could take their land.

It’s not like they didn’t have songs and history and stories told down across centuries. It’s just that people like Columbus, and Kyle, don’t care.

So when he sought out the post, and quote-tweeted it with the caption “Then leave,” he was showing the world just how much he doesn’t care about the suffering of others.

He was literally, directly telling the world that he cares more about the four former presidents carved into a mountain in the sacred Black Hills of South Dakota, a state NAMED for the tribe that it was stolen from, than the people whose children were killed, on purpose.

It certainly explains why he traveled from Illinois, a place named for a tribe, to Wisconsin, a place named for a tribe, in hopes of encountering unrest. He wants to be one of the three presidents on that mountain who owned slaves, exploited workers, but especially like the fourth, who started a war.

That war was worth fighting. Maybe Lincoln was the last good Republican until Eisenhower.

But Kyle’s idea of a Civil War is one in which he avenges the social ills he imagines are ruining the country. If he had been killed in 1863, it would have been because he was a Confederate, not because he was fighting for America as a whole.

People on Twitter went nuts:

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