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The Cruelty Is the Point: Trump Ghoul Brags About Entrapping and Teasing Homeless People

This is absolutely disgusting.

Johnny McEntee, the founder of “The Right Stuff” dating app for Republicans and a former Trump staffer, has made a shocking admission.

On his official dating site’s TikTok page, he announce that he gives fake money to homeless people so that they’ll try t use it and subsequently be arrested. In fact, he’s always prepared t do so, he declared.

“I always keep this fake Hollywood money in my car, so when a homeless person asks for money, then I give him like a fake five dollar bill. Then, when they go to use it, they get arrested. So I’m actually helping clean up the community. You know, getting them off the street.”

While it is cruel, it’s not unusual. This is the Republican mindset. While there are fewer than a million homeless people in the country — you thought there were a LOT more than that, didn’t you? — there are 18 million unoccupied houses in the United States, being sat on by landlords and real estate developers until the market comes up to make the maximum profit.

We could solve homelessness overnight with less than an eighteenth of what’s being WASTED in America today.

But conservatives don’t like seeing the poor. So people like Johnny, a Trump loyalist to the very end and after, actually use their privilege to make the unhoused even more invisible than they already are.

McEntee wrote that it was “just a joke” in the caption for his TikTok video, but honestly, how messed up do you have to be to even fantasize about doing a thing like that? Even if he’s never done something like this, just thinking it’s funny to do such a thing puts him about two notches below the mildew in my shower.

I wish I could wash it off.

And although McEntee probably avoided any legal trouble by saying he was kidding, it is literally a FELONY to even possess counterfeit money outside the confines of acting, let alone to distribute it with the intent of deceit.

These are the people who make up Donald Trump’s circle. Take a good look, remember the things we here at Political Flare bring you, and use it to inform your friends and neighbors. These are stories you don’t get our angle on anywhere else.

And Trump voters ignore this stuff on purpose.

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