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Trump Sparks Health Concerns After Seen Dripping in Sweat After Coming From Cold Courtroom

Once again, people are asking, is Donald Trump OK? Obviously the answer is a big, fat, orange NO…but I digress.

After his day in court this past Monday, the ex-president and adjudicated rapist complained about the cold temperature even though he was visibly sweating like a pig.

“And then he goes on about things I’m not allowed to do … here I am, we have people I’m supposed to be meeting about who is going to be our vice president, but I was stuck with a refrigerator all day. I am down here by an acting judge. He’s acting!” he told the group of reporters in a video clip shared to X/Twitter.

However, people were confused why he would be so hot if he just came from a freezing room. One person pointed out, “Dude is dripping in sweat,” while another claimed, “Yep, it’s called cold sweats… An indication of drug abuse…”

A third person joked, “Oh, if only he was in a refrigerator,” while a fourth alleged, “Dripping with sweat after emerging from a supposedly ice cold courtroom is sign that his physical health is collapsing.”

Lots of people suggested Trump’s sweats were due to him taking, or not taking, drugs:

This is hardly the first time Trump’s health has been a hot topic. Trump was recently seen dancing on stage at an event before holding onto a stair railing for dear life.

This comes after the twice-impeached fat loser has gone viral for how he walks. “Something is definitely going on with his right leg. He’s been dragging it for months. This weekend …” Trump critic Ron Filipkowski captioned the video.

One person asked, “He gripped that stair rail for life didn’t he?” while another stated, “This f—— ain’t making it to November.”

A third person claimed, “Dementia can cause a physical impact on a person’s ability to walk, stand, and get up from a chair or bed. It can also make it more likely for a person to fall. This is because dementia can affect the areas of the brain that control movement and balance,” while a fourth said, “He can’t walk down four steps without a railing? Didn’t [Joe] Biden just walk down all the Capitol steps unaided?”

Meanwhile, some think Trump is not all there mentally.

“Unlike normal aging, which is characterized by forgetting names or words, Trump repeatedly shows something very different: confusion about reality,” Dr. Lance Dodes, a supervising analyst emeritus of the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute and retired Harvard Medical School professor, said in a statement, referring to Trump confusing Barack Obama with Biden.


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