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Trump Will Have a Nervous Breakdown When He Sees the Daily Show’s Newest Video

This is disgusting and/or ridiculous.

Donald Trump’s first major faux pas, besides admitting to casual sexual assault on a whim in the Access Hollywood video, was when he made a jab at possibly the country’s most famous prisoner of war.

“I like people that weren’t captured,” Trump said of John McCain.

But his disrespect for the military in no way stopped there. The irony is that no one — NO ONE — in the Trump family lineage has served in the military.

Trump himself got five deferments to avoid the draft, or dodge, depending on how you want to frame it. He claimed that he had “bone spurs,” which are definitely a real thing (that never seemed to affect him after the danger of being drafted passed).

Now, an audio montage assembled by Jon Stewart and The Daily Show writers has gone viral. It’s a compilation of horrible things done and said by Trump about the military.

In addition to the “captured” comment about McCain, it describes Trump as the “Troop Respecter in Chief” sarcastically on the screen as it plays the rest of his greatest hits:

“A new report from the Atlantic magazine; President Trump skipped a World War I in France because he considered the cemetery for America’s war dead to filled with ‘losers.’ John Kelly confirmed that Trump described dead US servicemembers as ‘losers and suckers.’ … ‘What was in it for them?'”

Nothing, stupid. That’s why it’s called a military sacrifice. They were there to make sure that fascists didn’t come here and kill his father, who was arrested 97 years ago on Memorial Day at a KKK rally.

They died so you could be a jerk, Donnie.

When four soldiers were killed in an ambush in Niger, he quite controversially went and played golf. “He has played golf at least four times since these young men were killed,” says Stephanie Ruhle in another part of the clip. He never reached out to their families.

He couldn’t even remember the name of a soldier who died, who he actually deigned to discuss. “He knew what he signed up for,” Trump said at first, and then when he had to correct the optics of that and meet the soldier’s widow, he couldn’t even remember his name.

Trump took great pride in being in CHARGE of the military. But he took no responsibility, and cared nothing for their lives.

Watch the clip here:

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