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Don Jr. and Eric Trump’s Pathetic Attempt at Mocking Pride Month Totally Blows Up in Their Faces

Donald Trump Jr. and his brother Eric are a pair of glorified louts and that’s about all they are. They are as corrupt as wealthy people get. While they weren’t hit as hard as their father and the Trump Organization were by Judge Arthur Engoron in a New York courtroom — Trump and his Trump Organization are on the hook for nearly $464 million, which represents $364 million in surrendered profits and $100 million in interest for those of you keeping score. Nevertheless, Eric and Don Jr. have been ordered to pay more than $8 million for their part in the fraudulent business dealings connected to dear old dad’s real estate empire.

Then, of course, there’s Eric Trump’s dalliance with a children’s cancer charity, where he funneled some of the money meant for sick children into some of his businesses.

So it seems appropriate that social media users are pouring out the wisecracks over a viral video of Eric and Don Jr. hobnobbing at their family winery, as Newsweek reports. Don Jr., in a post on Instagram, shared a video of his younger brother Eric walking around Trump Cidery, which is part of the family’s winery business in Charlottesville, Virginia, where he joked about Eric’s pants.

“I know it’s Pride Month, but wtf bro? He deleted but like a good brother I have receipts. And please comment on Eric’s pants!” Trump Jr. wrote on his Instagram story.

Trump Jr., posted the video to Trump Cidery’s Instagram stories, but it’s now been deleted.

According to Trump Jr., his brother had originally posted the video to Trump Cidery’s Instagram stories, which has now been deleted.

Donald Trump originally purchased the winery in 2011. He later gifted it to Eric, who opened Trump Cidery on June 7 after filing paperwork with the State Corporation Commission last November to establish the cidery as a new business.

“After more than a decade of producing award-winning wines, we’ve now taken on a new endeavor. Welcome to Trump Cidery. You’ll enjoy an experience that is rustic and playful without compromising quality. Using traditional fermentation methods, our ciders are crafted with care from the highest quality apples and natural flavors,” Eric Trump said according to the Winery’s website. “The setting, view, and service are unmatched. Join us on this adventure.”

Fortunately, some folks on X aren’t letting either brother (I can’t think of a more disgusting waste of sperm than these two, can you?) and they are firing potshots at Junior’s dumb post.

X user PatriotTakes got the ball rolling, and it has so far gained one million views, with the caption:

“Don Jr. posts deleted video, suggest [sic] his brother Eric might be gay for wearing these pants.”

This of course, spurred plenty of jibes from X users, with the exception of Grace Chong, CFO of Steve Bannon’s War Room who thought this was clever.

“This is hilarious @DonaldJTrumpJr.” she posted.

Of course, Bannon is supposed to be reporting to prison by July 1 on contempt of court charges, so we’ll see how that goes. Perhaps Chong will be seeking a new job soon. Who knows?

Other X users were less flattering about Junior’s dumb joke. And frankly, they were funnier.

X user JoJoFromJerz quipped, ” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA also why did all the Trump’s fail ‘how to walk like a normal f****** person and not a douchebag’ class?!??”

MeidasTouch’s Ron Filipkowski also had Eric in his crosshairs.

“Eric pretending to do manual labor in spiffy white pants. Everything these people do is fake and staged.”

No one can convince me there was any actual gardening going on. What idiot actually plays in the dirt while wearing white pants?

X users had more to say on the subject:

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