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Don Jr. Makes a Fool of Himself for Taking a ‘Selfie in Front of Empty Stands’ at Convicted Father’s Rally

Here’s the thing about Donald Trump Jr. It should be eminently clear right now that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed. Oh sure, he seems confident enough — firing off what resembles coked-up rants that leave us scratching our heads as he appears all sweaty like dear old Dad. On his Triggered podcast he features incendiary guests like Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and a bunch of other right-wing supporters of his father who make Greene appear halfway normal.

So, being the doofus that he always is, he decided to take a photo of himself at Temple University’s Liacouras Center in Pennsylvania on Saturday evening. The center has a seating capacity of 10,200. But the eldest Trump son didn’t do his dad any favors by snapping a photo of himself in front of a row of empty seats in the top tier.

I may not be the brightest human in existence either, but I’d be smart enough to not take a photo of empty seats at my dad’s rally. And much ado has already been made of the paltry crowd at the rally, OK! reports.

“Here is a video of Trump at his rally tonight in swing state PA at Temple University’s Liacouras Center, capacity 10,200. It’s half empty. Zero attendees in the upper bowl,” one clip of the event showed, giving a crystal clear view of the vacant seats in the upper level.

Some people surmise that Donald Trump might be losing supporters as the 2024 election looms.

People weighed in on how Donald might be losing supporters ahead of the 2024 election.

One person noted, “Look at all those empty seats in Philadelphia. Old man can’t even fill a high school gym (actually a university) anymore. Sad,” while another said, “They got the entire back of the arena covered up with flags. The capacity at the Philly Trump rally is 10,206 and they’re not getting anywhere near that.”

This was a clueless stunt, even for Junior. Especially since recent polls show dear old Dad is floundering. After he was found guilty in his hush-money trial, Politico Magazine and Ipsos joined up and conducted a survey to see what Democrats and Republicans think about him continuing his run for president. And the news wasn’t good. The poll showed that 21 percent of independents said the conviction made them less likely to support Trump. They said it was an important factor in their decision.

According to the poll, 21 percent of independents said the conviction made them less likely to support Trump, which was an important factor in their vote.

While some of the analysis in the survey involved American’s trust in court justices and elected officials, Ipsos conducted secondary analysis, cross-referencing responses on how the verdict may impact how Americans vote and if the verdict is important in making that choice. The analysis revealed that a plurality of Americans didn’t impact the likelihood of voting for Trump and carried no weight in their decision-making process (40 percent). Another six percent of Americans said this made them more likely to support Trump and that his conviction is important in how they will vote.

However, a sizable percentage of Americans (one-fifth) say they are less likely to support the former president as the election nears and that his conviction is important.

So sure Junior, keep posting selfies of yourself looking rather baked at your dad’s rallies right smack in front of empty seats. I’m sure that will help. Biden, that is.

We won’t mind.

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