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Ex-Aide Claims Trump Talked of Executing Staff, Hints at ‘Rage and Retribution’ if Re-Elected

This completely tracks.

Alyssa Farah Griffin, the former White House Director of Strategic Communications and Assistant to the President in 2020, took a job at the ABC show The View shortly after she left her role in the Oval Office.

In fact, today is her thirty-fifth birthday.

But like most people who, at any point, worked with or for Trump, she’s turned on her former boss. Or, at least, she has nothing good to say about him.

And what she has to say now is just as groundbreaking as anything Omarosa or any of Trump’s ex-wives have had to say. She has made a pretty bold accusation about Trump’s time in office.

Griffin says that when he was in office, Trump would commonly refer to “execution” as a method of punishment for those that had crossed him. During a discussion about a “leaker,” Trump and then-AG Bill Barr apparently talked about whether the person they were talking about should be killed for what he’d done.

“Mike Pence declined to endorse Trump. But then you have people like Nikki Haley and Bill Barr who are either endorsing him or saying that they would probably vote for him despite being very critical — and there is a difference between saying you disagree with some of the policies and saying this person is fundamentally unfit for office, but I might vote for them. How do you explain that there are people who are very smart, like Nikki Haley and Bill Barr, who watched the first Trump term from the inside and have described it as very dangerous but are still saying, well, we might vote for him in 2024.

It’s power. I think power is just one of the most enticing things that we have in society. Kaitlan Collins, to her credit, interviewed Bill Barr and asked about an anecdote that I had shared about a meeting he and I were both in the Oval Office, where Trump straight up said a staffer who leaked a story should be executed. And Bill Barr kind of danced [around] it and said I don’t recall that specific instance, but there were others where we talked about executing people.”

None of this should come as news.

This is the same man who told a room full of police officers that they should be rougher with suspects that they’ve just arrested. This is the same man who talks constantly about blood and guts. and not in a good way.

This is the man who was adjudicated guilty of rape, and of inciting people against his victim.

Absolutely none of this is a surprise.

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