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Former Trump Aide Says She’s ‘Seeing a Decline in Him’ and There Are ‘Glaring Warning Signs’

Former President Donald Trump has been making a string of gaffes lately, more so than usual, and one of his former aides says she definitely believes he’s in a state of “decline.” There was that especially bad clip of him practically drooling, which turned lots of folks off.

And Alyssa Farah Griffin, who resigned as White House communications director in December 2020, and has become a frequent critic of her former boss. The hypocrisy of criticizing President Joe Biden for his minuscule gaffes wasn’t lost on her, according to Newsweek.

“I think that if you’re going to be critical of Joe Biden, you have to look at the glaring warning signs about Donald Trump,” said Griffin, appearing on The View.

“Listening to him now does not sound like him in 2016 and he was not ever particularly eloquent (that’s the understatement of the year),” Griffin, a co-host on the show, said. “I’m recognizing and seeing a decline in him. Others who’ve known him have said it and I think that that matters.”

The Biden campaign shared the clip on X Monday. I’m certain these people are tired of the undercurrent of criticism Biden faces almost daily.

I’m always amazed that people single out Biden, who occasionally mistakes a name here or there when we hear Trump short-circuiting like a busted chainsaw on some occasions, and even pulling a Mitch McConnell-like blank stare for 35 seconds. There is hardly ever a time when this man makes a speech where he doesn’t bollix up something.

While Biden will likely be making more errors as he is campaigning, let’s remember that at age 81, he’s the oldest president in U.S. history. Trump is not all that far behind — he turns 78 on Friday. That said, according to polls, voters are more worried about Biden’s age than they are about Trump’s.

Griffin, however, said she believes the former president’s legal problems are “getting to him” (he clearly looks haggard in some photos) and he’s not “as sharp as he once was.”

“I mean, from comparing [former House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi and [former South Carolina Governor] Nikki Haley to confusing the president of Turkey with the president of Hungary to confusing Obama and Biden left and right. He does this constantly.

“He’s not where he once was….I’m convinced that the stress of having lost the 2020 election, the legal, you know, the convictions, the indictments, all just piling up and him finally maybe being held accountable… and these pending trials,” Griffin said. “I think they’re getting to him and I don’t think that he’s as sharp as he once was. And I don’t recognize how his voters don’t see that more.”

It beats me as to why his voters don’t figure this out. He’s a convicted felon now thanks to the New York hush-money trial, which was drawn out in as much minute detail as you can imagine. He is obviously guilty but these people follow him like puppies. He’s scheduled to be sentenced on July 11 but here we are with these dumb fools still hanging on to his every word.

Trump is also charged in three other criminal cases, but we don’t know at this point if any of them will go to trial before November. He’s denied any wrongdoing and the same idiots who believe him this time will undoubtedly believe him again.

Fortunately, the saner among us are keeping track of his word salads, mental malfunctions, and other problems, so hopefully people will remember this when Election Day comes around.

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