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Humiliating Music Video Worships Trump as ‘The Chosen One’ — Intended to Help MAGAs Deal With His Convictions

Absolutely cringeworthy.

I don’t know where these people come from. Trump’s evangelical followers have been justifying their love of Donald Trump by saying he was chosen by God to lead the country.

It was already baffling that he got elected in the first place, after Christians heard him say he had a habit of sexually assaulting women in the Access Hollywood video.

But to watch as he failed on camera to recite even a single Bible verse? To learn that he’s cheated on every wife he’s had, the latest one while she was pregnant with their son?

To see him make fun of a disabled reporter?

To find out he raped a former reporter, lied about it every day on TV, and then got convicted of defaming her?

That’s disgusting. But they like that he oversees policies that align with their views. Not their religious views, but their political ones. You know, the ones that Jesus would never have allowed. Gay rights, trans rights, racist immigration policies — they eat that stuff up.

The latest evangelical trend to come out to justify their hypocrisy has been to slap the moniker “The Chosen One” on him, and say that God has forgiven Trump. That none of it counts anymore.

So a Christian music artist named Natasha Owens in Texas, and devout follower of the “new” Messiah wrote him a little ditty. It goes a little something like this:

He gets in trouble bigly time after time
He’s controversial, but one thing is true
Imperfect people, a perfect God can use

I’m standing with the chosen one
Ain’t no stopping what the Lord’s begun
He’s only human like you and me
Just a chosen one, the chosen one.

She even went to the trouble of including his famously coined word “bigly.”

On its face, that absolutely sounds like something a comedian would write. In fact, if the lyrics fit any sort of well-known song, that could be a Weird Al parody tune on his next album.

But no, it’s very, very real. And you can listen to it here:

I get their outrage over his convictions, but this is hilarious.

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