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Prison Bosses Are Preparing to House Trump if He’s Sentenced to Jail — And it Could Be Very Rough on the Convicted Felon

Prisons in New York are preparing to house Donald Trump if he is sentenced to jail now that he’s a convicted felon. A number of facilities have been identified as potential places where Trump could be housed — including the Bronx’s notorious Rikers Island. Trump, 77, is scheduled to be sentenced on July 11 after being found guilty of all 34 felony counts in May over falsifying business records to prevent adult actress Stormy Daniels from talking about their alleged extramarital fling.

As a result, legal commentators in the U.S. are beginning to say prison is possible. They had previously argued Trump would likely receive probation or home confinement, per The Mirror. The former president has been convicted at the State level, meaning if he does do time he’ll be housed in New York.

If Trump is looking at more than one year in jail, New York law requires he serve his sentence in a penal facility. If his sentence is less than a year, it will be served in a correctional facility, possibly including Rikers Island, which was originally built to house people suffering with contagious diseases.

The prison usually houses high-profile detainees in its VIP West facility. It’s mostly empty and detainees currently doing time there, such as Allen Weisselberg, 76 the former Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg, who like most other prisoners there, has his own cell. Hey, maybe he and Trump could shout at either across the way.

It’s a thought anyway.

There’s also the possibility that the ex-president may find himself in a private room at Bellevue Hospital’s Prison Ward — a floor that’s away from all other detainees.

“Possible locations where Trump would be held were looked at when he continually broke his gag order and the trial judge threatened him with jail,” one unnamed source told the Mirror. “The two locations that could ensure his safety are Riker’s west facility and Bellevue’s 19th floor, run by the corrections department.”

Trump was incapable of keeping his mouth shut and he violated one gag order after another. So this is what he deserves. Stormy Daniels is continually trolled on X by idiot right-wingers, thanks to all of Trump’s insults directed at her, so if he’s going to deal with quiet, contemplative time it’s exactly what he needs.

If Trump is convicted and sentenced to a jail term, the former president and 2024 hopefully could find himself in a single-occupancy cell in Rikers, Queens

But you know who has it worse than Trump? The Secret Service Agents who will be assigned to him while he’s in the joint. As a former president, no matter how disreputable he is, he has a right to Secret Service protection. According to the Mirror, officials in charge of Secret Service detail are working on plans on how their agents will continue to protect him if he is incarcerated. By law, former presidents are entitled to security 24/7 for the rest of their lives, meaning of course agents will have to protect Trump in jail. AT Smith, a former deputy director of the U.S. Secret Service said the reality of the job as an agent is “not always completely pleasant” (no, duh) and that protection officers are only assigned for four to five years due to the stress of the job.

Can you imagine being stuck with Trump for hours every day for four or five years?! I can hardly see how anyone could stand this evil b@stard for half an hour. He will undoubtedly be kvetching the entire time about that evil Joe Biden, nasty woman Hillary Clinton, how his daughter Ivanka has let him down, that horrid Bill Barr, the big lie, and blah, blah, blah, on and on. Oh, my dog will those poor Secret Service agents need their Xanax?

Smith also said the agents he has discussed this with have shown no emotion in response to this prospect (can you blame them?) “They’re all professionals, they understand that world events can change on a dime and they are ready to do whatever is necessary to protect the former president under the law.”

Most legal experts say that falsification of business records doesn’t usually result in jail time. Home confinement or probation are the usual outcomes. But Trump’s case isn’t typical, and once again, it’s his own fault. The extensive list of guilty verdicts plus his continued attacks on Judge Juan Merchan, who will decide his sentence in July, could blow up in the ex-president’s face, and it ought to.

But in an interview last week Trump said he’s “okay” with serving jail time or being under house arrest following his conviction.

I try to never hate anyone. It’s a destructive emotion that does little good but often creates great harm. But I sure come close to it here. It doesn’t matter whether Trump is “okay” with it. He’ll have to follow whatever path is laid out before him whether he’s “okay” with it or not. And that’s a relief. For once, this evil man has no control over his destiny as he ran roughshod over ours.

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